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Username : Str8Shooter

Character Name : Shane Evans

Height/Weight : 6'2", 237 lbs

Hometown : Chicago, Illinois

Wrestling Style : Brawling/Technical

Finishing Moves : Brain Freeze (Butterfly Brainbuster) Menace To Society (Hammerlock Legsweep DDT)

Signature Moves: Ankle Lock Windy City Stretch (Border City Stretch) Blunt Force Trauma (Half Nelson Suplex) Butterfly Suplex Triple Russian Leg Sweeps Double Knee Gutbuster (From Firemans Carry)

Entrance Theme : A Place For My Head - Linkin Park

Entrance Style : Walks out from the back and briefly stands and looks into the crowd, then slowly makes his way down the aisle stopping occasionally to glare at a fan deriding him. He then rolls under the bottom rope and waits for his opponent.

Background : From and early age, Shave Evans knew he was different. He never got along with other children and kept to himself. As he got older his lack of social skills provided the perfect fodder for people to mock and insult him, unfortunately for the aggressors, they always found themselves hurt due to the loner Evans violent temper. After a particularly brutal assault on a fellow student that ended with Evans throwing him down a flight of stairs, Evans was expelled from high school and arrested for assault.

After being released Evans realized that he should channel his rage into professional wrestling and began training tirelessly. He embraced his status as an outcast and and set his sights on gaining revenge on conventional society for his past treatment.



Shane Evans made his WCSF Debut on the Rampage brand on the September 9th, 2008, edition of Rampage, losing in an impressive showing against WCSF veteran Anthony Blake. Evans was pinned following a Screwdriver from Blake. Evans may have failed in picking up his first victory, but he didn't fail in grabbing the attention of fans and wrestlers alike with his showing.

Evans would find himself with his hand raised for the first time on the October 9th edition of Rampage, defeating Rodney Redneck his finisher, the Menace To Society. Evans would find himself in another match with a longtime veteran, this time coming out on the losing end on the October 22nd Rampage to Tristagi after the Samsara.

Evans would get the biggest win of his short career on November 2nd, 2008 at Wednesday Night Warzone, defeating "The Aerial" Craig Bell after the Menace To Society in an impressive match from both young men. This win impressed enough to get Evans into the Battlefield tournament, unfortunately for him, he lost in the first round to Tomohiro Matsuda after tapping out to the Wrath of Matsuda. On the December 23rd edition of Rampage, Evans made his tag team debut teaming with Muntari Mebah to defeat the team of Craig Bell & Johnny Briggs after Evans distraction allowed Mebah to hit the Africaslam on Bell.

On the February 10th Rampage, Evans continued his run of tag teaming with various partners, this time Sean Knight, against Matsuda & Bell. Evans got another pinfall after rolling up Matsuda for the 1-2-3. On the March 14th edition of Rampage, Evans teamed with Nick Foster against Johnny Briggs & Sean Knight. Evans got the pin on Briggs after hitting the Career Killer.

Evans made his PPV debut at Battlefield, once again victorious against Craig Bell after hitting the Menace To Society again. On the April 2nd edition of Rampage, Evans teamed with Sean Knight against Johnny Briggs & Nick Foster and came out on the losing end after Knight was pinned by Briggs.

At Nothing to Lose on April 23rd, 2009, Evans participated in a 4 Way, Contract on A Pole Match with Johnny Briggs, Sean Knight, and Nick Foster, where the person to climb the corner and retrieve the envelope with the contract, would be added to the Gold Rush Ladder Match at Revolution IV. Evans would come up short though, as Briggs used his as a stepping stool to jump up and grab the envelope.

Joining The Mafia

On the first Mayhem of the new WCSF Era on May 28th, 2009, Evans interfered in the Matsuda/Devine match and hit Matsuda with a steel chair, then helped in the Mafia's beatdown of Matsuda, apparently joining the Mafia.

On the next week's Rampage, Johnny Devine officially announced Shane Evans as the newest member of the Mafia handpicked by himself to help Devine's quest to gain the WCSF World Championship. Evans was chosen to participate in the tournament to gain an opportunity to be in the Revolution IV main event for the World Title, at Rampage on June 7th, in the first round, he got arguably the biggest win of his career, defeating Daz with the Menace to Society in the middle of the ring. The next week on Mayhem he advanced to the final with a win over Jack "The Cyclone" Douglas after fellow Mafia member Nick Foster interfered on his behalf. Evans would therefore move on to the Revolution main event to face Mafia leader Johnny Devine, or would he? On the June 30th edition of Rampage Evans came to ther ring for the contract signing and announced he would be happy to forfeit the match at Revolution and hand the belt to Johnny Devine, but CEO Ralph Pierce interrupted and announced that that wouldn't be happening on his watch, and that someone would be taking his place in the main event, none other than Anthony Blake, thought to be gone forever after failing a questionable drug test. Blake then ran through the crowd and attacked, Evans and Devine scurried to the outside as Blake took out his anger on Foster and Amen.

Tag Team with Foster, Feud with Gangsta Nation

During all this, Evans along with fellow Mafia member Nick Foster began having problems with the Gangsta Nation of Jay and Jamal Kraus. One incident had the Gangstas taunting Foster backstage and calling the Mafia "fake gangstas". The following week, Foster would get revenge after being pranked by GN backstage, Foster enlisted the help of Evans, viciously attacking Jay Kraus backstage, smashing him in the head with a steel chair. After this, Pierce decreed that The Gangsta Nation would put the WCSf Tag Team Championships on the line at Revolution IV against the team of Evans and Foster.

Tag Team Champion

At Revolution IV, the team of Evans and Foster won their first tag team championship, when Foster low blowed Jamal Kraus and hit the Fosterfication for the 1-2-3, beginning his first reign as a champion.

After Revolution, Foster and Evans became embroiled in a feud with The newly formed Yakuzas of Rage Mishima and his cousinKenshiro Murakami. The feud became so intense, and Evans and Foster used their Mafia connection, and the fact that Devine was GM, to make The Yakuzas run a tag team gauntlet on Carnage, facing two teams before losing to The Mafia. Just a week later, during Mishima's match with Anthony Blake, Evans and Foster kidnapped Murakami and Mishima's girlfriend Kuri backstage. And after the match, as Blake was fighting with Amen and Johnny Devine, Evans and Foster appeared on the screen over an unconscious Murakami, and then appeared to hit Kuri with a steel chair to the head, putting her out of action for weeks, and then attacking Mishima when he came backstage to help.

The two teams would meet in the ring at Meltdown 2009, in a match that turned into a brawl, with Mishima and Foster fighting in the crowd, and Mishima eventually losing his cool and attacking Evans and Foster with a steel chair symphony, leaving both men lying back to back in the ring, bloody and battered, but still champions.


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