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Shakes is a rat in the medical research lab in Muppets from Space. He's all hopped up on caffeine.

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race: Protectron robot
affiliation: Tenpenny Tower
role: Bartender
location: Tenpenny Tower
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Tenpenny Tower (quest)
actor: Wes Johnson
base id: 17A03
ref id: 17A0A

Shakes is a Protectron robot that functions as a bartender in the Federalist Lounge at Tenpenny Tower. Initially he serves drinks at one of the highest prices across The Wastes, however, if one hacks into his programming terminal his prices can be lowered significantly. The terminal is beside him on the bar and if one hacks into it they can program Shakes to either have a "Holiday Discount (10%)" or a hefty "V.I.P. Discount (50%)" (but not, unfortunately, both). Of course if one is caught doing such a thing, Shakes & all the Bar patrons will become hostile.

Shakes serves only alcohol and Stimpaks.



Shakes only appears in Fallout 3.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
- - liquor cabinet key -


  • If you convince Tenpenny to allow the ghouls to live at the tower, Shakes will survive even after the ghouls "purge" the tower of its human residents. It is also worth note that Roy Phillips does not find killing Shakes essential, meaning that as he is not human he can be spared unnecessary death in the attack. He may, however, require protection from ferals.
  • With the "Holiday Discount" enabled, talking to Shakes will cause him to say "Happy Holidays Care For A Drink?" However the text reads "Happy Holidays Care For Drink?"
  • If you shoot Shakes directly in the Combat Inhibitor, he will become hostile to everyone in the bar and the guards will kill him. The residents of Tenpenny Tower will not become hostile to the player from this, and it allows you to loot the key to the liquor cabinet from him. Opening the liquor cabinet is still considered stealing however, so wait until everyone leaves the room.
  • If the PC activates both of Shakes discounts, all of his items are sold at base value and he will buy items at base value. Example: stimpak can be bought for 25 caps and sold for 25 caps.

Related Quests

Tenpenny Tower (quest)


  • "Care to wet your whistle?"
  • "Would you like to wet your whistle?"
  • "Ahhhhhh, we are all going to die!" (When engaging a enemy)
  • "Do not worry about such a thing Sir, care to wet your whistle?" (When targeting a enemy)
  • "Please stand clear of the free firing zone." (When engaging a enemy)
  • "Happy Holidays, care for a drink?" (Holiday Discount enabled)
  • "A very special welcome to you, Sir." (VIP Discount enabled)
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Robots in the Fallout games
Tenpenny Tower

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