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Shadowbind, also known as Pin, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series.




Final Fantasy IV

Originally known as Pin, Shadowbind is a Ninjutsu spell usable by Edge that casts Paralyze on one target.

Final Fantasy XI

Shadowbind is a Job ability of Rangers in Final Fantasy XI. This ability becomes available to Rangers at level 40. It allows the Ranger to Bind an opponent, stopping him in place for a short period of time. With the exception of some Notorious monsters that are immune to Bind, this status cannot be resisted. This status cannot be removed with Erase.

The Hunter's Bracers increase the duration of the Bind effect.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Shadowbind is an ability that can be learned by Assassins. It is learned from the Fey Bow and requires 200 AP to master. It costs 12 MP to cast. It can only hit units on surrounding tiles and causes the stop effect

There is also a Lunge Tech by the name of Shadowstick, which causes Slow. It is taught by the Silver Rapier and is mastered after 200 AP.

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