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Shadow Of Intent
Production information

Assault Carrier

Technical specifications

5,346 meters[1]/ 17,540 feet/ 3 miles

Engine unit(s)

Repulsor Engines

Slipspace Drive


Year introduced



Covenant Separatists

"Hail humans, and take heed. This is the carrier Shadow of Intent. Clear this sector, while we deal with the Flood."
Rtas 'Vadum

The Shadow of Intent is a Covenant Separatist Assault Carrier. [2] Commanded by the Separatist Ship Master Rtas 'Vadum, it served as the flagship of the Fleet of Retribution.




Battle of Installation 05

Main article: Battle of Installation 05

The Shadow of Intent was re-captured by the Sangheili, Unggoy and Lekgolo on Installation 05 from the Covenant Loyalists. After the Flood infested High Charity, the Shadow of Intent and its accompanying Sangheilian Fleet engaged in quarantine tactics over High Charity, trying their best to prevent the Flood from escaping the borders of the infested city.

Quarantine Outbreak

Main article: Battle of Voi

However, a Flood-infested cruiser broke through their lines and jumped to Earth. A Sangheili battlegroup led by Rtas 'Vadum broke off their blockade and followed it, intent on preventing it from infecting the planet. It took part in the later stages of the Battle of Earth, where it supported local United Nations Space Command units by landing troops, vehicles and supplies into the area. Later, it glassed the city of Voi and outskirts of Kenya in Africa, to prevent the Flood from spreading across Earth.

Assault on Installation 00

The Conference Room of the Shadow of Intent
Main article: Battle of Installation 00

The ship later led a joint UNSC-Covenant Separatist force through the slipspace portal to Installation 00, also known as "The Ark", where it engaged and defeated the Prophet of Truth's Fleet despite facing forces three times their own strength numerically.

End of the Prophets

"I shall beat the Prophet's shields like a drum. By the time the barrier falls he will beg for mercy. "
Ship Master Rtas 'Vadum
The Shadow of Intent being hit by a Segment from the fragmenting High Charity.

During the assault on Truth's position, the Shadow of Intent sent down soldiers, vehicles and supplies to aid the Human and Sangheili forces. There, it then took part in a diversionary bombardment of the shield protecting the Citadel.

Later during the battle, the carrier hovered above the Citadel to begin to destroy the building and to kill the Prophet of Truth. Though before that could take place, the ship was punctured by a large Flood Dispersal Pod (which went completely through the ship, showing no sign of energy shielding) from the Flood-infested High Charity, which had just arrived via Slipspace. The ship was afflicted with "significant damage" and lost use of its major weapons systems, although it was able to stay in commission and return to Earth with all the surviving Humans and Elites. [3]

Return to Sanghelios

After the memorial service to those killed in the Human-Covenant war, The Arbiter is given command of the vessel by Rtas 'Vadum and sets a course to return to Sanghelios. [4]



  • At the bow of the Shadow of Intent and numerous other Assault Carriers, there is a more bulbous section instead of the flat part where the engines are. This is only seen on Assault Carriers in Halo 3.
  • During the meeting between Fleet Admiral Sir Terrence Hood and Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum, the Frigate UNSC Forward Unto Dawn was small enough to fit inside the Shadow of Intent's hangar located in the middle of the ship's hull. [5]
  • The Shadow of Intent is found on many levels of Halo 3. On the mission The Covenant, it is shown to be stationed over The Ark in the distance.
  • The second chapter of the level Floodgate is called 'Shadow of Intent'.
  • There is a Marathon symbol on the table in the Shadow of Intent's bridge.

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