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Image:Quote1.png I should kill you right here! But no matter how justly you deserve it -- that's not the way of Thanagar! Image:Quote2.png
-- Hawkman

Appearing in "Fallen Angels"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • George Emmett (In flashback only)
  • Icarus (Eddie Hamilton) (Single appearance) (Only appearance; dies)




Synopsis for "Fallen Angels"

In the skies above a Kansas wheat field, Eddie Hamilton, the incredible Icarus soars with the aid of his mutant wings. But a group of Thanagarians, embroiled in their shadow invasion of Earth blast him out of the sky thus eliminating a potential threat.

Back at the Midway City Museum, Hawkman stares in grief-stricken agony at the spot where his wife Hawkwoman fell prey to the Thanagarian weaponry. Mavis Trent runs up to speak to him, but Hawkman doesn't even look at her. Captain Frazier pulls Hawkman into another room for a private talk. Hawkman reveals to Frazier that he is in fact Hawkman. He tells him that the murderers are aliens who are likely after his alien technology. He shows Frazier a vault of Thanagarian weaponry right before disintegrating it so that the Thanagarians can never use it. He then takes off through the skylight to track down Shayera's killers.

Using a scanning device, he hones in on the residual energy trail made by the Thanagarian palm blasters. He follows the trail to Grinders Bluff off Lake Michigan. Inside, the Thanagarian scout leader Fell Andar interrogates one of his own – Rab Mekir. Rab is the one responsible for shooting Hawkwoman at the museum.

Hawkman flies into the aliens' secret cave and begins attacking them. But Fell Andar was expecting Hawkman and is prepared to take him down. As the two opponents fight, Hawkman finally realizes that his foes are not just aliens, but Thanagarians as well. Fell Andar tells Hawkman that Thanagar has become a more aggressive society with plans of conquering the galaxy. Earth is their first target.


  • Cameo flashback of former Midway City police commissioner George Emmett.
  • Includes a flashback to Katar and Shayera's early life on Thanagar.
  • Includes a flashback to events that took place behind the scenes in issue #1.
  • Several of the Thanagarian agents are named for the first time in this issue.
  • In place of a letters page, this issue features a history of Hawkman written by Tony Isabella.


  • No trivia.

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