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Shadow is a genus in the Undead family in Final Fantasy XI. A subset of Shadows known as Fomors were introduced in Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia.


  • Ashu Talif Marine
  • Dark Stalker
  • Ephramadian Shade
  • Fallen Imperial Trooper
  • Fallen Imperial Wizard
  • Fallen Volunteer
  • Fomor Bard
  • Fomor Beastmaster
  • Fomor Black Mage
  • Fomor Dark Knight
  • Fomor Dragoon
  • Fomor Monk
  • Fomor Ninja
  • Fomor Paladin
  • Fomor Ranger
  • Fomor Red Mage
  • Fomor Samurai
  • Fomor Summoner
  • Fomor Thief
  • Fomor Warrior
  • Ka
  • Shade
  • Shadow
  • Specter
  • Spriggan

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Notorious Monsters

  • Altedour I Tavnazia
  • Arcane Phantasm
  • Ashu Talif Captain
  • Ashu Talif Crew
  • Axesarion the Wanderer
  • Balor
  • Balrahn
  • Bendigeit Vran
  • Black Bartholomew
  • Bres
  • Brunhilde
  • Buarainech
  • Caithleann
  • Cleuvarion M Resoaix
  • Clone of Boulders
  • Clone of Flames
  • Clone of Glaciers
  • Clone of Gusts
  • Clone of Lights
  • Clone of Shadows
  • Clone of Sparks
  • Clone of Torrents
  • Cutthroat Kabsalah
  • Dagourmarche
  • Disfaurit B D'Aurphe
  • Doman
  • Doppelganger Dio
  • Doppelganger Gog
  • Drexerion the Condemned
  • Duendes' Amoroso
  • Eastern Shadow
  • Eba
  • Elatha
  • Ethniu
  • Experimental Undead
  • Fir Bholg
  • Gerhilde
  • Giollemitte B Feroun
  • Gloombound Lurker
  • Goublefaupe
  • Grimgerde
  • Hammerblow Majanun
  • Helmwige
  • Hydra Bard
  • Hydra Beastmaster
  • Hydra Black Mage
  • Hydra Dark Knight
  • Hydra Dragoon
  • Hydra Monk
  • Hydra Paladin
  • Hydra Ranger
  • Hydra Red Mage
  • Hydra Samurai
  • Hydra Summoner
  • Hydra Thief
  • Hydra Warrior
  • Hydra White Mage
  • Indich
  • Jazaraat
  • Jeumouque B D'Aurphe
  • Lobais
  • Luaith
  • Lugh
  • Maldaramet B D'Aurphe
  • Marchelute
  • Mildaunegeux
  • Northern Shadow
  • Nosferatu Murk
  • Ortlinde
  • Phanduron the Condemned
  • Powderkeg Yanadahn
  • Quiebitiel
  • Rompaulion S Citalle
  • Rossweisse
  • Schwertleite
  • Sengann
  • Shadowhand
  • Shadowhand Cuirassier
  • Siegrune
  • Southern Shadow
  • Tethra
  • Vaicoliaux B D'Aurphe
  • Velosareon
  • Waltraute
  • Western Shadow

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Special Attacks

Note: Shadows usually come equipped with a Job, and will readily use the abilities and spells granted them in addition to their special attacks. They will also use Weapon Skills based on the type of weapon they are wielding.

  • Aegis Schism: Single target Defense down.
  • Barbed Crescent: Single target damage and Accuracy down.
  • Carnal Nightmare: 10' AoE TP reset.
  • Dancing Chains: 10' AoE Drown.
  • Dimensional Death: Single target damage.
  • Foxfire: Cone Attack damage and Stun. Only used by Shadows wielding one-handed weapons.
  • Grim Halo: 10' AoE heavy damage. Only used by Shadows wielding two-handed weapons.
  • Netherspikes: Cone Attack damage and Bind.
  • Shackled Fists: Fivefold single target damage. Only used by unarmed or fist weapon-wielding Shadows.

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