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"The conflict that has lasted since time immemorial is finally nearing its end. But is is an end desired by no one.
"Chaos means to use his powers to destroy the world-and himself."
Garland's last words rattle the warriors. And as the crystals grow weaker, they sense their own existence slowly fade away.
Their nemesis, Chaos, awaits. But time, for them and for the world, is running short...




Shade Impulse 4-1

"A nothingness beyond death approaches... At chaos's end lies the answer they have sought."


3 4
9 5
2 8 7 6

Map Guide

  1. Starting Position
  2. Summonstone (Ramuh)
  3. Hard Battle Piece (Phantasmal Harlequin)
  4. Hard Battle Piece (Transient Witch)
  5. Hard Battle Piece (Imaginary Champion)
  6. Potion
  7. Hard Battle Piece (Capricious Reaper)
  8. Hard Battle Piece (Ephemeral Phantom)
  9. Stigma of Chaos

Shade Impulse 4-2

"The ultimate chaos has almost been achieved. Everyone's role is set.
The final fantasy begins...


2 6
1 5 9
8 7

Map Guide

  1. Starting Position
  2. Summonstone (Tiamat)
  3. Hard Battle Piece (Fallacious Tree)
  4. Hard Battle Piece (Delusory Warlock)
  5. Hard Battle Piece (Counterfeit Wraith)
  6. Hard Battle Piece (False Stalwart)
  7. Hard Battle Piece (Imitation Despot)
  8. Potion
  9. Chaos Piece (Chaos)

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