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This is about the monster in the Stronghold of Security. For other uses, see Shade.

The Shade is a discontinued random event and is now located at the entrance to the last level of the Stronghold of Security. They are non-aggressive and have a max hit of 7. Unlike most monsters, they only give 1/4 the normal experience per hit.

While fighting shades on the last level of the Stronghold of Security the spell Crumble Undead is resisted quite often by the shades (about half of total casts) making this a costly way of obtaining the Shade robes.

These shades count toward fulfilling a Shade Slayer tasks, which can be assigned by Vannaka. Unlike most Slayer assignment monsters, they only give 5% (3.5 points) the normal slayer experience per kill.


Random event (discontinued)

File:Bfish scape .PNG The RuneScape feature in this page/section no longer exists due to an update by Jagex.

When any player buried bones, they had a possibility of an aggressive NPC Shade appearing and attacking them. Shades were semi-transparent in appearance and looked somewhat like ghosts. As with similar guardian random events, the combat level of a shade varied according to the combat level of the player unfortunate enough to get him. When slain, shades did not drop coins or items, but there was a chance of the now untradeable shade robe top or bottom being dropped. Originally, shades were able to close or open a door without standing besides it, which was unique among all F2P monsters, but this feature was removed.

Shades were vulnerable to Magic attacks, especially the crumble undead spell. Though they can be ranged or meleed to death as well.


  • These were the fourth highest level free-to-play monster, being tied with Cockroach soldiers. However, after the Wilderness Crater was re-opened, Hellhounds were introduced to free worlds and so shades are now the fifth highest level monster.
  • Shades appeared to be wearing a transparent black(t) platebody before a graphical update.
  • Although Shades are transparent, Shade Robes are not.
  • Their attack noise sounds somewhat akin to the sound that ghosts make in the videogame Luigi's Mansion.
  • Shades have the pre-Runescape HD idle and walking movements.
  • The shades' random event examines were "Creepy!" and "The angry dead."
  • The body appears to somewhat resemble a Ghostly robe top before the graphics update.
  • The shade itself, appears to be a player before the graphical update without a head. The shade's attack style, however, is similar to 1 - handed sword's slash style. Although this only happens in low - detail.

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