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Shada may refer to:

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Shada may refer to:

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Shada D'ukal
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19 BBY[1]

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"Do you know Shada D'ukal? She can be very disarming."
Han Solo

Shada D'ukal was a deceptively decorative-looking mercenary from a mysterious militaristic order of female warriors known as the Mistryl Shadow Guard.



Shada had come from a family with several uncles. She joined the Shadow Guard in 3 BBY. In 0 BBY, Shada was a member of the six-person Shadow Guard team led by Manda D'ulin, when they were approached by the scientists working on the Hammertong project to guard a prototype of the Death Star's superlaser. When the mission went wrong, Shada and her friend and comrade Karoly D'ulin stole the Strike Cruiser being used to transport the prototype, and escaped to Tatooine, where they posed as the Tonnika sisters in an effort to hire a freighter to help take a section of the device back to Emberlene.

Shada disguised as Brea Tonnika in Chalmun's Cantina.

By 8 ABY, Shada was traveling the galaxy aboard the freighter The Fury with Mistryl trainee Dunc T'racen, when the pair of them were caught up in a complex con run by Ghitsa Dogder and Fenig Nabon. After this, Shada became bodyguard for the smuggler chief Mazzic. In this job, she appeared with plaited hair and a blank expression-until trouble started. Then she was all business, throwing enameled zenji needles with lethal accuracy and using her more-than-capable combat skills to protect the smuggler chief.

In 19 ABY, Shada prevented Karoly from assassinating Mazzic, and came under punishment from the Eleven who led the Mistryl. She left Mazzic's employment to avoid the Mistryl hunter teams, seeking to join up with the New Republic. Instead, Leia Organa Solo offered Shada's services to Talon Karrde, who was heading into the Kathol Sector to locate a copy of the Caamas Document. Shada accompanied him, and the two grew fond of each other. When Karrde located information that revealed the truth about the fake Grand Admiral Thrawn, Shada was there to stop the cloned Major Grodin Tierce from killing Gilad Pellaeon and a Mistryl leader, Paloma D'asima. As a result the hunter teams were called off and Shada officially joined Karrde's new joint intelligence organization, taking the role of Kardde's unofficial second in command that had been open since Mara Jade left the organization.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Shada continued to serve as Karrde's lieutenant and business-partner. She assisted in transporting Jedi younglings from Yavin IV to Coruscant. There were rumors that she had passed on details of the Hammertong device to Karrde, allowing Booster Terrik to mount a superlaser aboard the Errant Venture.

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Behind the scenes

Shada D'ukal was played by model Christine Hewett (who was really 34 years old at the time).


Shada D'ukal.


Notes and references

  1. According to Hammertong she is the same age as Luke Skywalker.

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The Sacred Guardians
The Original Priests along with their King

The Sacred Guardians are six priests that guarded Pharaoh Atem 3,000 years ago, in the Dawn of the Duel arc. Each of them holds a Millennium Item. They are the six members of the Pharaoh's sacred court. They ensure the safety of the Pharaoh at all times. They were chosen by the Millennium Items themselves. Each one destined to wield its power in the name of the Pharaoh.



Shimon Muran
Priest Seto
Main article: Shimon Muran


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Isis 「アイシス, Aishisu」 is a priestess that serves Pharaoh Atem in Ancient Egypt and wields the Millennium Necklace. Ishizu Ishtar is the reincarnation of Isis. She is named after the Egyptian god Isis. A wise, kind and intelligent woman, she seems to share a close friendship with Mahado in the anime, as she converses with him before he goes off to fight Bakura for the Pharaoh's sake. She is able to sense his plight during the duel with Bakura, and utters his name with tears flowing down her cheeks. Isis alone senses Mahado's demise, and cries out his name tearfully. It can be speculated she withheld deep feelings for him. Even three thousand years on, in the final duel with Atem and Yugi, when the Dark Magician makes his appearance, Isis notices "a deep pain in her heart." She ultimately dies while facing Zorc in an attempt to buy Mana enough time to give Atem his Millennium Puzzle.

Monster Spirits:



Karim 「カリム, Karimu, from Arabic كريم Kareem」 in the manga and Japanese anime, is one of the six priests that guarded Pharaoh Atem 3,000 years ago. He wields the Millennium Scale. It is a common theory that the first holder of the Millennium Scale was his father, as they look extremely similar. His Scales are held by Shadi throughout the series. In a weakened state, he sacrifices what's left of his lifeforce to Shada so he (Shada) can protect the Pharaoh. He was by far one of the most loyal and dedicated of the court. He was also not afraid to confront Seto about his abuse of his friend's monsters in the practice Duel, as seen in the manga.

He is voiced by Sean Schemmel in the English dub.

Monster Spirits:



Shada 「シャダ, Shada」 is one of the six priests that guarded Pharaoh Atem 3,000 years ago. He wields the Millennium Key. He has the same eyes of his reincarnation: Shadi, and both names are very similar (in the original Japanese anime, the same actor voices both characters). He dies after pushing Atem out of the way of a lightning bolt likely caused by the presence of Zorc Necrophades. He is voiced by Michael Alston Baley in the English dub, who also voices Odion.

Another version of Shadi's past life, Sadin, also appears as a guardian of the Valley of the Kings in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories. Here, his appearance is closer to Shadi's, although he has a beard and moustache.

Monster Spirits:

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