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Sewer Waystation

Sewer Waystation building
map marker: Sewer Waystation
quests: none
cell name: zFriendshipSewer
ref id: 0007523C

Sewer Waystation is located Northwest of Grayditch and directly South of Super Duper Mart. It is the building that houses one of the entrances to the County Sewer Mainline.



The interior of the building itself is quite small, consisting of only two open rooms, a main "factory" type room and a smaller room resembling an office. The main room contains numerous production machines and a maze-like accompaniment of conveyor belts.

The Exterior is a Talon Company/Regulators spawning point for good or bad karma, respectively.


Several radroaches (usually four) and one or two radscorpions. The player's level determines whether there is a Giant Radscorpion instead of the normal one(s).

Leading down into the sewer lines is Gallo the Ghoul's hideout and storage as well as Feral Ghouls, Raiders, and Radroaches.


The conveyor belts are populated with numerous teddy bears, many of which are humorously arranged. Some are specifically arranged in sexually suggestive poses; others are posed so as to appear to be drinking whiskey, smoking cigarettes, prepping grenades, using chems, or brandishing weapons.

Notable loot

  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - In the "office" room in a broken fridge next to a skeleton.
  • Teddy Bears - 21 scattered amongst the production machines.

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