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Setzer Gabbiani
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Sprite(s) Setzer's in-game sprite Setzer's menu sprite
Japanese name Setzer Gabbiani
Kana セッツァー・ギャッビアーニ
Romaji Settsā Gyabbiāni
Job Gambler
Skill Slots/Gil Toss
Limit Break Red Card
Age 27
Birthday February 8
Height 5'9" (1.75 m)
Weight 136 lb (62 kg)
Blood Type AB
Birthplace n/a
Treasure Blackjack
Loves Gambling
Final Fantasy VI Character
"A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit..."
—SNES description
"A gambling vagabond who finds freedom from society's narrow views of morality aboard his airship, the Blackjack..."
—GBA version description

Setzer Gabbiani is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a Gambler who lives on the wild side. He also is the owner of the world's only airship: the Blackjack. In the SNES version he was neutral at the beginning of the war, being reluctant to openly oppose the Gestahlian Empire after having made profits from their work. In GBA translation, which is more faithful to the original Japanese translation, he says the Empire has been bad for his business. Setzer's surname "Gabbiani" is the Italian word for "seagulls", but also is similar to the Italian verb "gabbare" that means "to trick, to cheat".


Development Information

The developers wanted to put a gambler character in Final Fantasy V, but could not pull it off in that game so they waited for Final Fantasy VI instead. A rarely-noticed fact about Setzer is that he joins the party with a Bandana equipped on him, although he cannot actually equip bandanas (if removed he cannot re-equip it). This is not a bug but was actually meant to be an inside joke showing that Setzer's vanity does not allow him to wear the same things as Locke. In the GBA version, Setzer does not come with a Bandana, as the porting team possible thought it was a glitch.[1]

Character and Appearance

Setzer is a young man in his late twenties. He has long, gray hair, and wears several layers of clothing, all under a black trench coat with a gold lining, though the in-game sprite shows the lining as brown. In the Anthology Port of Final Fantasy VI, Setzer's face is shown in an FMV to be badly scarred, and his skin to be very pale.

True to his notorious hobby, Setzer cannot resist a gamble; he thrives on risks - such as his planned abduction of Maria - and bets, and will never pass up an opportunity to prove his skill. Most of his scars actually come from gambling sessions gone wrong, although some also come from airship accidents.[2]

There are also aspects of Setzer's character that fit the "ladies' man" archetype (such as his willingness to gamble his airship for Celes Chere's hand in marriage), which were then exaggerated in his Kingdom Hearts appearance. Setzer acts like a very happy and likeable person up front. In reality, though, he's still shell-shocked about losing Darill. He hides this, and distracts himself with gambling to forget the loss of his childhood sweetheart.


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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.
Setzer in a FMV from the Anthology port.

Setzer was a gambler by nature and pilot by trade. When he was younger, he was involved with a girl named Darill. She owned an airship called the Falcon. She obviously knew her risk-taking nature would eventually take its toll, because she casually mentioned to Setzer that the Falcon was his if she ever was unable to fly. Setzer, mortified by the idea, promised her that no such thing would ever happen and that he would only take the Falcon after having won it fairly. After a day of flying Darill decided to go out on her own and push the Falcon to its limits. The ship crashed in a distant valley, and when Setzer found the remains he entombed them beneath the sea.

Shell-shocked by the loss, he ended up impressing his desires upon a wealthy opera star named Maria. The pinnacle of his infatuation came when he threatened to kidnap her in the midst of a performance. He had a plan to disrupt the show and kidnap her. However, Locke Cole and his party were desperate for an airship, so he and the Impresario decided to foil his plan by having Celes Chere star in that night's show. Setzer abducted Celes, Locke followed him back to the Blackjack, and the party sought to negotiate for an airship.

Setzer was disappointed when he found out that Celes was not Maria, but he soon found the intelligent Celes to be much more attractive. Celes borrowed Edgar Roni Figaro's double-headed coin to broker a deal: if it landed on heads, Setzer would help the Returners reach the Southern Continent so they could rescue Maduin and the other Espers. If it was tails, Celes would agree to be Setzer's "woman" (the Japanese term refers to a woman that receives gifts from her man in exchange for physical favors). More amused than anything else, Setzer agreed, and he quickly noticed he'd been duped. But Setzer's inherent good nature, coupled by the fact that he seemed to be impressed by the trick, made him pliant to the whole idea and he helped the Returners.

Setzer's SD artwork

While the others were infiltrating the Magitek Research Facility in the north, Setzer stayed on the airship. When the others did not return, he went to Vector to check on them. He met them as they were fleeing the city and brought them onto the Blackjack to escape. The ship was badly damaged in the attack and almost unusable. Later, he went with them to Zozo to save Terra Branford.

Following the trip to Zozo he accompanied the party to Narshe, where the Elder decided to join with the Returners. Terra agreed to ask the freed Espers to limit their devastation to Vector, after which a coalition of Returners and Narshe guards would storm from the north. The plan was a success, and Emperor Gestahl appeared to have surrendered. He asked Terra if she would try to convince the Espers to negotiate peace, so she and Locke went to Crecent Island to convey the Emperor's message. Setzer and the others were still skeptical of the Emperor and decided to stay in Vector to judge his motives. Setzer and Cid Del Norte Marquez began to rebuild the airship while Edgar used his charms to learn the Emperor's true plans from a maidservant, who said the Emperor planned to capture the Espers. The rest of the party flew to Thamasa to warn Terra and Locke, but they were too late. Kefka had acquired more magicite and used it to revive the Statues and turn the Land of Espers into the Floating Continent.

Setzer returns to the party.

One year after the apocalypse, with no wings to fly and nowhere to go, Setzer was wasting his life away in a bar in Kohlingen. Celes, Edgar, and Sabin Rene Figaro happened upon him in the bar and asked if he would rejoin their fight against Kefka. Setzer was initially unwilling, having lost any sense of purpose for his life, but again Celes's words convinced him. Setzer then took them to Darill's Tomb to unearth the Falcon. He shared Darill's story (and his pain) with the party, and as the Falcon went to the skies Setzer finally buried his grief. he accompanies everyone else on their quest to save the world.

In the ending, Setzer manages to save two of his fellow Returners by knowing which door would explode.

Equipment and Stats

Setzer is among the most customizable characters of the party. As a Gambler, his weapons consist of cards, darts, and dice, but he can also equip several daggers. He can also equip most heavy armor and shields.

In the GBA version Setzer gains a new gambler weapon, the Final Trump.

Equipment List


Daggers Gamblers Spears
  • Dirk
  • Mythril Knife
  • Man Eater
  • Graedus
  • Cards
  • Darts
  • Heiji's Jitte
  • Doom Darts
  • Dice
  • Fixed Dice
  • Final Trump (GBA)
  • Imp Halberd


Shields Helmets Body Armor
  • Buckler
  • Heavy Shield
  • Mithril Shield
  • Gold Shield
  • Diamond Shield
  • Crystal Shield
  • Flame Shield
  • Ice Shield
  • Thunder Shield
  • Aegis Shield
  • Force Shield
  • Genji Shield
  • Cursed Shield
  • Paladin Shield
  • Iron Helmet
  • Mithril Helmet
  • Gold Helmet
  • Diamond Helmet
  • Crystal Helmet
  • Circlet
  • Red Cap
  • Thornlet
  • Genji Helmet
  • Leather Armor
  • Iron Armor
  • Mithril Vest
  • Mithril Mail
  • Gaia Gear
  • Gold Armor
  • Diamond Vest
  • DiamondArmor
  • Mirage Vest
  • Crystal Mail
  • Force Armor
  • Genji Armor
  • Dark Gear
  • Ninja Gear


Setzer's special ability is Slots. Slots work similar to a slot machine, except that they can be stopped manually by pressing the A button. The result that shows up will have various effects on allies or opponents. The better outputs, however, tends to be "rigged", meaning that sometimes, it cannot be rolled even if the player has perfect timing. If Setzer equips the Coin Toss Relic, Slots becomes Gil Toss (GP Rain) which allows Setzer to do damage to all enemies at the cost of some gil.

In the SNES version of the game there is a useful bug involving Setzer and the damage counter. The Offering is supposed to half all physical damages from its wearer, but as Fixed Dice has a unique algorithm for its damage output, the half damage aspect is ignored, allowing him to do 4x the damage he can normally do. This and the majority of SNES bugs were fixed in the release of Final Fantasy Anthology, however, this bug is still present in the GBA version.

Musical Themes

Trouble with the audio sample?

Setzer's theme is built off C major. The relative D minor that comprises his melody appears as a leitmotif in "Epitaph" and (like all the other characters) the "Ending Theme". It is notably absent in the "Blackjack" and the World of Ruin airship theme "Searching for Friends".

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Tactics

The name Setzer crops out in the "Storm of 777" Proposition. The proposition is as follows:

  • The Blackjack, the casino ship is at the port. The slot machine at the left end of the ship is said to be loose. You should try it out!

The outcome is as follows:

  • The Casino ship Blackjack is at the port Limberry castle. The slot machine on the left hand side gave us 777, the jackpot. Nothing happened so we asked Setzer about this. He said he deliberately lowered the pay-off rate. "Gambling's not fun unless there's some risk."

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

A set of equipment called "Gambler's Gear" and "Gambler's Hat" can be bought in Town, and makes the character appear to look like Setzer. It is equippable by all Tribes.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Setzer makes a small appearance as one of the tutors of the in-game manuals.

Kingdom Hearts II

Setzer as he appears in Kingdom Hearts II.

For more information, see Kingdom Hearts Wiki:Setzer

"My life is a chip in your pile. Time to ante up."
—Setzer in Kingdom Hearts II, slightly misquoted from his original appearance.

Setzer makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts II, and is the only pre-VII character who appears in the entire Kingdom Hearts series. He is the champion of the "Struggle" competition when the player is playing as Roxas in Twilight Town. If Roxas chooses to fight Setzer and wins, he gets the champion belt, and Sora can fight Setzer in another Struggle match later in the game. He appears as a flashy and arrogant ladies' man, somewhat reminiscent of Edgar, taunting the player often, and making a point of calling Roxas "ruck sack". He was depicted this way in the original game as well to an extent, but it is heavily exaggerated here.


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  2. V-Jump issue (in Japanese)

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