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  • the smoke monster killed seth norris because seth norris wasnt supposed to be the pilot, frank lapidus was supposed to. the island ordered the smoke monster to kill him ( because there was no point in him being there ) and the island also made it so frank was the flight captain along with the O6 which gives us the idea that frankmaybe a more complex important character than we think....
  • The pilot purposely crashed the plane and was working with the others, he also killed the co-pilot in the process during the mission, that is why the co-pilot was found out of his seat. Also the pilot is not dead.
  • the pilot did not purposely crash it since desmond forgot to press the button which lead to the crash. but, why didnt the entire plane light up when the button didnt go off like it did when ajira 316 crashed?!? bum bum buuum.
The producers have stated that "dead on the island is dead."
  • Given what we've seen of the monster, it seems unlikely that the monster would kill the pilot for no good reason. If the reason was not just to scare Charlie, Kate, and Jack, maybe to keep the pilot quiet about something.
  • Juliet makes reference to the fact that the Others don't know what the monster is, but that it hates their fences. This could be a clue that the pilot was in fact connected to Mittelos Bioscience or another connected company.
  • Ben however seems to know what the Monster is, and seems to have some sort of control of it. Juliet was lying, or it was true; Ben does not tell everything to the other Others.
  • In the first episode, Jack was supposed to be killed and left hanging in the tree. This was changed to the pilot because the studio thought Jack must live in order not to confuse the audience. This could mean that the pilot is not important in the future, but by the same thought process that would make Jack unimportant and yet he has been key throughout. Maybe this means the pilot's role has been made more important and it was not his body that was in the tree, and the pilot is actually involved with DHARMA/Hanso or even the 'bad guys' coming in Season 4.
  • The monster killed him because he was the only survivor of the crash who knew, roughly, where the island was, and the monster needed to protect it.
  • The monster killed him mistakenly, thinking he was Frank Lapidus.
  • Based on what happened to Mr. Eko, The Monster seems to be able to identify its victims, even more: it can project images from a person's past.
  • The monster killed Seth Norris because he was not Frank Lapidus. Frank was supposed to come to the Island, not Norris, so the monster had to correct this.
  • The Monster had already "judged" him before we first saw him, then it went back to kill him.
  • Seth was hired by Widmore to take the place of Frank Lapidus and scout where he guessed the island was. He was told to approach by a specific bearing which is why he flew out of six hours and then turned around and headed towards Fiji. As he flew over the island - which is all he was hired to do - and electromagnetic interference caused the plane to crash. This explains both how none of the survivors have any sign whatsoever of side effects and yet Seth had no clue that the monster was about to kill him. Once the plane crashed, Widmore took a couple of months to fake the crash elsewhere just in case there were somehow survivors on the island. This explains Naomi's concern that there might be 815 survivors.
  • Perhaps Ben, controlling the monster, killed the one man who could fly the survivors off the island? In this scenario, it was tactical, not mythical. Ben simply wanted to keep the survivors on the island, to keep knowledge of the island away from the general public... Which could correlate to Ben setting up the fake 815 plane in the ocean... But that's another thought all together.
    • Ben sent the Monster towards the beach to prevent the survivors from venturing into the jungle. When ordered where to go, the Monster will kill without judging, as shown by the attack on the mercenaries, specifically Mayhew.

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