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Seswenna Sector

Outer Rim Territories[1]

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Moshaw Dark Star

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T²/5/Zero Quadrant[2]

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The Seswenna sector (pronunciation ) was located in the Outer Rim Territories at the intersection of the Rimma Trade Route and the Hydian Way. It contained the planets of Eriadu and Seswenna itself; it also contained the Moshaw Dark Star.

The Sith Empire conquered the entire Seswenna Sector during the Great War. The Sith Emperor's conquest of the Seswenna Sector made Republic citizens and soldiers lose all hope in the Republic's survival until the Battle of Bothawui.[3]

Ranulph Tarkin and later Shayla Paige-Tarkin represented the sector in the Galactic Senate. During the time of the Galactic Empire, Seswenna sector was a part of Oversector Outer. The sector's capital was Eriadu City on Eriadu. The sector bordered Sluis sector.

It was hinted that the sector only joined the Galactic Republic after Wilhuff Tarkin's birth (64 BBY). At any point, the sector was different from most other ones in the Republic, in that it was ruled by a governor and lieutenant governor appointed by the Galactic Senate, as opposed to a domestic government. The governor/lieutenant governor of the sector simultaneously served as the governor/lieutenant of Eriadu.

Wilhuff Tarkin began his political career serving as the sector's lieutenant governor; at some point after Palpatine became Supreme Chancellor, he was made first governor, then Moff of the sector, a position he held until his death (0 BBY).


Behind the scenes

Star Wars: Rebellion incorrectly places Yaga Minor, Chandrila, Ghorman, Coruscant, Corsin, Balmorra and Svivren in the Seswenna sector. Yaga Minor is near the Braxant sector; Chandrila is in the Bormea sector; Corsin is in the Ploo sector; Ghorman is in the Sern sector; Coruscant is in the Coruscant sector; Balmorra is in the Colonies.

Additionally, Rebellion incorrectly places the sector at the heart of the Galactic Core, and both it and Star Wars: Rebellion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide mistakenly spell it as "Sesswenna Sector." It is also mistakenly spelled "Seswanna" in Pirates & Privateers.



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