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For the 1965-66 season of the original series, see Season 3.

Series 3 of Doctor Who (sometimes called Season 29) ran between March 2007 and July 2007 and starred David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and introduced Freema Agyeman as his companion Martha Jones. Catherine Tate appeared as Donna Noble in the 2006 Christmas special, The Runaway Bride, which was filmed as part of the Series 3 block and featured on the Series 3 DVD. Despite this, The Runaway Bride is a special episode and not considered to be a part of Series 3 by the Episode Guide on the official website.



The season introduced a new companion, Martha Jones. The main arc for this series focused on the mysterious "Mr Saxon", an alias of the Master. A secondary arc involved the emotional aftermath of the Doctor losing Rose Tyler to a parallel dimension at the end of the previous season, and the effect this has on Martha. The season also featured the first crossover with Torchwood as Jack Harkness returns to the series in a storyline that continues on directly from the end of the Torchwood episode End of Days. Other milestones included the two-part episode Human Nature and The Family of Blood, which was the first to be based upon a previously published Doctor Who novel, and the multiple-award-winning Steven Moffat episode Blink, which becomes one of the most acclaimed Doctor Who episodes in recent memory.

The subsequent DVD release of the series included deleted scenes and a gag reel. Notably, these scenes are rendered in their original digital video format, rather than having been "filmized" as the televised episodes were. This marked the first time video-style footage of Doctor Who had been seen since Season 26 in 1989.



Christmas special

# Title Writer Notes
N/A The Runaway Bride Russell T. Davies

Regular season

# Title Writer Notes
1 Smith and Jones Russell T. Davies First appearance of Martha Jones and the Judoon
2 The Shakespeare Code Gareth Roberts
3 Gridlock Russell T. Davies Reintroduction of the Macra
4 Pt. 1: Daleks in Manhattan
Pt. 2: Evolution of the Daleks
Helen Raynor
5 The Lazarus Experiment Stephen Greenhorn
6 42 Chris Chibnall
7 Pt. 1: Human Nature
Pt. 2: The Family of Blood
Paul Cornell
8 Blink Steven Moffat
9 Pt. 1: Utopia
Pt. 2: The Sound of Drums
Pt. 3: Last of the Time Lords
Russell T. Davies Reintroduction of the Master, and of Jack Harkness to Doctor Who. Final regular appearance of Martha Jones

Animated special

# Title Writer Notes
NA The Infinite Quest Alan Barnes

The Cast

Primary Cast

Secondary Cast

Guests Cast


Novels featuring companion Martha Jones

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Series 3
Christmas Special: The Runaway Bride

Smith and Jones  • The Shakespeare Code  • Gridlock  • Daleks in Manhattan  • Evolution of the Daleks  • The Lazarus Experiment  • 42  • Human Nature  • The Family of Blood  • Blink  • Utopia  • The Sound of Drums  • Last of the Time Lords

Animated serial: The Infinite Quest

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