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Final Fantasy II Boss
Japanese サージェント
Romaji Sājento
NES Name Sergeant
NES DSOP Name Sergeant
PS Name Sergeant
GBA Name Sergeant
PSP Name Sergeant

The Sergeant is the first boss encounter in Final Fantasy II. It is fought as Firion and the party attempt to procure a supply of Mythril. The party will encounter many more Sergeants later on in the game as random encounters, especially after obtaining the Ultima spell, when it begins appearing on the World Map where Goblins, Hornets, and Leg Eaters used to be found. Another Sergeant is also fought as a boss early on in the Soul of Rebirth adventure, in the Unknown Cave.


As the first boss of Final Fantasy II, the Sergeant is predictably a pushover. Not much strategy is needed to best this officer, just a few rounds of steady pounding will do. Keep in mind that it has the Bow 3 ability, enabling it to hit your back row characters for substantial damage, so you may want to consider shielding them with Protect.

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