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This article is about the planet. You may be looking for Prince Sereno.

Outer Rim Territories


D'Astan sector


Serenno system

Primary terrain
  • Rainforests
  • Misty rivers
  • Mountains
  • Savannahs
  • Oceans
Native species


Immigrated species
Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard

Major cities
"It is not our way. The Counts of Serenno do not complain or cry. We are born to take care of others. We don't expect others to take care of us."

Serenno was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories.



One thousand years before the Battle of Yavin it was governed by the six Great Houses to which the Counts of Serenno belonged; the Counts were amongst the wealthiest beings in the galaxy and believed in noblesse oblige and self-reliance. Two of the six Great Houses were Nalju and Demici. Other lesser noble families allied themselves with the Six or were distant relatives.

Serenno capital backed many projects of the Galactic Republic of which the planet was a valued member, despited being a frequent hotbed of sedition. The planet was inhabited since at least c. 1,049 BBY, when Hetton was born on the world.

In 990 BBY, the planet was the site of anti-Republic agitation, and a failed kidnapping attempt of former Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum, both of which failed due to the manipulations of Darth Zannah. Since the kidnapping attempt involved killing servants and attacking a guest under the protection of Count Nalju, it offended the Great Houses, which quickly took steps to eliminate the seditious movements.

Nearly a millennium later, Serenno gave rise to a far more dangerous rebel demagogue. Dooku was born on Serenno in 102 BBY. His family bore the title of Count and lived in a great house with rose bushes. Dooku once visited the seashell-littered shores of a Serenno ocean as a child.

After murdering Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, Dooku stored his cryogenically frozen body on the planet, to be retrieved several years later for transportation to Geonosis, where a blood transfusion between the dead Jedi and Qymaen jai Sheelal occurred.

Serenno was a stronghold of Count Dooku during the Clone Wars.

Behind the scenes

The name Serenno may be a reference to Sarzano, the historical Italian seat of the Carandini family. The House of Demici is probably named after the famous Medici family of Italy.

Christopher Lee, who portrayed Dooku, is the son of Contessa Estelle Marie Carandini di Sarzano.

Sereno means 'calm' in Italian and Spanish.


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