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Seren was a male Vulcan scientist in the 23rd century. Seren met Spock at a science summit at Deep Space Station M-20 in 2268. Seren's younger sibling was at the time considering Starfleet as a career, and Seren asked Spock about his experiences. (TOS novel: Cloak)

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Seren's symbol.

Seren is usually considered the goddess of the Elves, although it is implied in the Path of Glouphrie that she is the divine aspect of the Anima Mundi, the "soul" of RuneScape itself. It is said she inspired the elves to build their city, Prifddinas, the way they did so they could communicate, protect themselves, and prosper. She is also the original provider of crystal bow and the crystal shield. More information is provided on her and the history of this great crystal city in one of the books of Prifddinas' history, found in the bookshelves of Lletya. She is apparently present within all elf crystal. There is one known altar to Seren found in the elven town of Lletya. It resembles the altars of Saradomin, but made of wood with no symbol in the place where it normally would be.

Seren, after leading the Elves through the World Gate from another realm into Gielinor's forest of Isafdar, where she had created the legendary Tower of Voices from Crystal. Here the elves constructed Prifddinas, one of Gielinor's first cities and the oldest settlement still in existence today. She was worshipped by them for millennia, and still the worship continued even as the chaotic God Wars erupted. The Elves went into hiding in Tirannwn when the wars began. When Guthix commanded that the gods leave the world through the Edicts of Guthix, she sealed Prifddinas's undercity, including the Grand Library, with nine powerful seals; though Seren is physically gone from Gielinor, the Elves can still commune with her in the Tower of Voices. She then departed with the rest of the gods. Other than this, Seren appeared to play a minimal role in the God Wars, with most of the Elves deploring chaos and nature-harmers, and with no Seren hilt of the Godsword known.

When the Runescape-based game "Armies of Gielinor" was released on Jagex's Funorb website on 16 January 2009, the front page had stacked pillars depicting the followers and the symbols of the six gods, whose followers you are able to control. Of those, only Menaphites (Followers of Tumeken) and Seren were previously unknown. The figure for Seren, a white-haired elf, was flanked by a diamond symbol - a square turned through 45 degrees. As the Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak, and Bandos symbols were in the same locations for their respective followers, it is likely that this is Seren's symbol.


  • Colour(s): Cyan, Magic Mint, Persian Green
  • Animal(s): Black Bears, Dire Wolves, Falcons, Grenwalls
  • Followers: Elves
  • Race: God


  • Seren can mean several things in Latin, among them "to make clear", "make serene", "make calm".
  • Seren is the Welsh word for star.
  • The Seren statuette is the second most expensive Ancient artefact on a PvP world. It can be traded in for one million coins
  • After While Guthix Sleeps, if the player closely sees the base of the statues from the six deceased warriors that fought Lucien, they can see something that looks like the symbol of Seren on it.
  • Seren is the name of an old Egyptian game that King Tutankhamen played.
  • JRR Tolkien used diamond crests for his elven houses in the Middle Earth legendarium.
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This article uses material from the "Seren" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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