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Serbia was a nation-state located in Europe on Earth.



Eugenics Wars

During the Eugenics Wars, Serbia was one of few countries that opposed the tyrant Khan Noonien Singh. On September 30 1993 Khan was lured to the Ajorra caves in central India by Vasily Hunyadi, force behind the Serbian government, who attempted to assassinate Khan by triggering an earthquake caused by an underwater concussive charge he placed earlier. This earthquake was in the previously-considered non-seismic region of Maharashtra. The death toll from this quake was over 10,000 and entire villages were destroyed.

Khan attempted to retaliate on February 7 1994. With his advance submarine SGK Kaur he entered Adriatic sea where he was intercepted by a Serbian Akula-class attack sub, which succeeded in damage Khan's "supersub" with one torpedo before it was destroyed. The damaged SGK Kaur continued on to complete its mission but was soon destroyed by a mobile mine. Only Khan managed to survive and swim to safety on the Italian shore.

On August 29, 1994 Hunyadi addressed the United Nations in defiance against the economic sanctions and the NATO peacekeeping presence to declare that Serbia had nothing to apologize for. During his speech, members of the Army of Eternal Vigilance (AEV) released sarin gas, a nerve toxin, into the council chambers, suffocating many ambassadors, tourists, and Vasily Hunyadi himself.

After death of Hunyadi, Serbia was conquered by Khan's forces who later built bases there. On January 10 1996 U.S. forces bombed Khan's "terrorist base" in Chandigarh in addition to several other Augment bases in Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan. Facing certain defeat at the hands of combined forces from multiple nations, the very next day Khan and 83 of his Augment followers secretly escaped Earth aboard a stolen prototype vessel of the DY-100 sleeper ship christened the SS Botany Bay.

After the departure of Khan, Serbia was liberated from the Augments. (TOS novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

22nd century

Charles Tucker III, in an discussion with Malcolm Reed, mentioned that he could not remember any Europeans figuring out how to build a warp engine, "No Brits, no Italians, no Serbo-Croatians." (ENT episode: "Shuttlepod One")

Due to the existence of Serbo-Croatians, it is possible that they come from a country such as Yugoslavia, Serbia, Croatia, or possibly even Serbo-Croatia. This, however, is not made clear.

Citizens of Serbia

Vasily Hunyadi


Locations and persons from Serbia may have been the name sakes of several starships:

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Part of documentary Trekkies 2 took place in Serbia where crew of the movie interviewed members of the Serbian Society for Science Fiction and other star trek fans.


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Ice Hockey

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Serbia is a country in eastern Europe. It has a population of about 7,370,000. The capital is Belgrade.

It was part of Yugoslavia until the breakup of the country in the 1990's.

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Lost is broadcast in Serbia in English with Serbian subtitles by the television station Pink under the title Izgubljeni. The first airdate was October 1, 2005, when the country's official name was still "Serbia and Montenegro". Beginning September 22, 2008, Lost began to be broadcast by Fox TV Serbia (Fox Televizija Srbija), beginning at Season 1.

  • Title Izgubljeni ( Изгубљени )
  • Broadcast by RTV Pink and Fox TV Serbia
  • When - Mondays 19.00h (Fox TV Serbia)
  • Dubbed - No
  • Subtitled - Yes

RTV Pink

RTV Pink is a TV network based in Serbia (the former Yugoslavia) with stations in several nearby countries of the former Yugoslavia such as Bosnia and Montenegro. The parent company is called "RTV Pink International", owned by Željko Mitrović.

TV Pink is mostly known for a mix of light entertainment, mostly a compilation of movies, US and Latin soap operas and talk shows. Criticisms include that Pink channels promote the turbo-folk music genre, as well as being generally sensationalistic, a general perception of the channel which may partially explain Lost's general lack of popularity in this country.

RTV Pink has the rights to broadcast Lost in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia, and as of April 2008 had purchased and broadcast Season 1 and Season 2 only. A small station called Alternativna Televizija (aTV) broadcast Seasons 1 through 4 in Bosnia, although it is believed they did not officially have the rights to do so.

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  • Paradox of Pink (Columbia Journalist Review)
  • Pink Files (by B92 - in Serbian)
  • Fox TV Serbia - Lost page

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