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Serah Farron
"Look... Branded by Pulse... I'm a l'Cie. Enemy of Cocoon. Danger to us all."
—Serah to Snow
"Serah is Lightning's younger sister and Snow's fiancée. Always showing concern for Lightning, she has an inner fortitude that allows her to make her own decisions without relying on her older sister."
—Online Description

Serah Farron (セラ・ファロン Sera Faron) is a minor character in Final Fantasy XIII revealed by Yoshinori Kitase at Gamescom 2009. She is a teenage girl with the same pink tint of hair Lightning has, wrapped into a ponytail onto the side. She wears a red pleated skirt with black lace and a white sleeveless dress shirt, with a semi-transparent sweeper in the same style of shirt over it, with thigh-highs and boots. Serah is described as "the cutest girl" in the game by Kitase. Her destiny is one of the central plot points in the game.

The voice actress portraying Serah in the Japanese version is Minako Kotobuki, and her English voice actress is Laura Bailey[1].


Serah is Lightning's younger sister by three years and the fiancée of Snow Villiers, as revealed at the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party in September 2009. Those two argue about her in the trailers of the game. Lightning accuses Snow of failing to protect Serah.

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In the web novelization Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero: Promise, it is mentioned that before the events of the game, Serah was about to attend Eden's university, but during her summer vacation she fell in love with Snow, much to her sister's dismay. However, Serah had gone into the Lowerworld Vertigo ruins which the traitor fal'Cie Orphan took from Pulse, and she was marked on her upper left arm as a l'Cie by the fal'Cie Anima entombed in the ruins, her Focus being to lure more people to the ruins to be made into l'Cie. Though she drove Snow away out of fear, he refused to abandon her and offered to aid her in any way he can. Four days before the game, Serah met Vanille and told her that she'll get through the mission with her friends' help. Vanille apologizes to Serah after realizing what her Focus was. Two days later, Serah attends the fireworks festival with Snow who soon proposes to her, which she accepts. The next day they try to evade PSICOM forces wishing to Purge them. They escape on an air vehicle to the Pulse fal'Cie. Serah jumps onto a ledge as Snow tries to steer the vehicle, but she becomes trapped by a silver liquid substance that pulls her into the fal'Cie.

Crystallized Serah

When Serah is found unconscious within the Lowerworld Vertigo by Lightning, Sazh attempts to kill her after learning she was a Pulse l'Cie. When Snow arrives with Vanille and Hope, Lightning scolds him for not protecting Serah. Then Serah tells Lightning that she can save Cocoon and since everyone was around, her Focus was completed and she was crystallized, leaving behind a tear-shaped crystal for Snow. After the party are turned into l'Cie and wake up in Lake Bilge, they eventually find Serah, who has become part of the crystallized lake. Soon after Lightning, Vanille, Hope and Sazh abandon Snow, who stayed behind to try and free Serah, she is brought aboard the Lindblum along with Snow when he is captured by Fang and Cid's troops. At the end of the game, Galenth destroyed the crystallized Serah to unnerve Snow. However, after Orphan is destroyed and Vanille and Fang sacrifice themselves to keep Cocoon from crashing into Pulse, Serah is restored, and she reunites with Lightning and Snow.


  • Serah is 18 years old and 164 cm tall according to the Ultimania Guide.
  • The pendant of Serah's necklace is depicted on the Final Fantasy XIII's logo. A matching pendant is also worn by Snow Villiers.
  • The bracelet that Serah wears is also worn by her sister Lightning. Both wear it on their right arm.
  • If you look closely at Serah's ears, you will see cat earrings of the same cat model from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.



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