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General Information
Aprox. Size 2.48 metres (8.1 ft)[1]
Purpose Combat and Defense
Strength Moderate
First Seen September 21 2552
Primary Sentinel Beam
Weaponry Strength Moderate
Defense Energy Shields

Sentinels are ancient, Forerunner-constructed robots. They possess limited Artificial Intelligence, and are programmed to suppress Flood outbreaks and protect Forerunner technologies.



Built contemporaneously with the construction of the Halo Array, Sentinels were utilized as all-purpose workers and guards on Forerunner stations. Following the construction of the Halo Installations, Sentinels were reconfigured to be the first line of defense against Flood outbreaks and other external intruders. The mechanical nature of the Sentinels make them ideal combat units against an enemy that could convert conventional biological infantry into biomass - by deploying the Sentinels en mass, the Forerunners could battle the parasite without contributing to its numbers. Controlled by their own basic AI functions, as well as their Installation's Monitor, Sentinels patrol the Halo rings tirelessly and attack as their protocol demands.[2]

When not in combat Sentinels serve as basic repair, maintenance and security drones for Forerunner installations and facilities where Flood samples are kept, working in conjunction with Constructors and Enforcers to ensure that the facility remains in working order. Sentinels are viewed by the Covenant as "Holy Warriors of the Sacred Rings,"[3] machines meant to be worshiped and respected by all who believe in the path.



Sentinels are grayish white in color and have two arm like appendages with two grapple fixtures at the end of each arm and a central "head," curved undercarriage containing an offensive Sentinel Beam. The form of a Sentinel may differ depending on the situation of their Installation. Their powerful offensive beam weapons and defensive energy shield make them very effective in combat against intruders or foreign objects that present themselves as threats. Their smaller lasers are used for both repairing damaged Forerunner constructs, and self-repair should the Sentinel be damaged in combat.[2] Sentinel's are propelled by both an anti-gravity unit located on the undercarriage and small engines on the back of the unit, they are capable of traveling at high speeds but cannot sustain long range travel.

Sentinel's are created at Sentinel Production Facilities, these are massive floating platforms that are located on every Halo Installation. These Facilities produce all types of Sentinels when facing either a Flood outbreak or an external threat to a Halo Installation or Construct. These massive assembly lines at maximum performance can produce Sentinels at a very fast rate to either supplement existing Forerunner defenses or to replace those destroyed for whatever reason. Sentinel Production Facilities are not limited to just the Halo Installations, Production Facilities are located on every Forerunner Construct that relies on Sentinels for guarding, although these facilities are different in appearance and may be either ground or mobile based platforms.


The Forerunners refer the Sentinels as "our very basic countermeasures," and are the first automated defense systems to assist a situation and generate a proper response protocol. While Sentinels are strong enough to handle a situation they are, however, more of a supplement rather then a reliable combat system. The Sentinels weapons system are limited and not as powerful as some of the other Forerunner weapons employed against the Flood, and can only hold them at bay for a limited amount of time.

Because of their limited A.I, they are only able to handle situations on a basic scale, which makes them vulnerable to strategic Flood attacks. Because of their limited intelligence they are not often able to perform evasive maneuvers when facing imminent attack and are usually destroyed. In large overwhelming numbers Sentinels are more than capable of handling a situation for a certain time until more permanent measures can be applied.

The Sentinels energy shield is the primary defense mechanism, once taken down the Sentinel is susceptible to any type of small arms fire. When the Sentinel has been damaged beyond repair the Sentinel explodes violently and releases a powerful EMP blast. This EMP blast is a strategic last resort, as the EMP blast will disable any nearby electronics, including any weapons the enemy may be using.


Different variants of the Sentinel have been utilized for different combat roles from and can vary from construct to construct; the following is a list of all known variants of the Sentinel.

Sentinel Major

Sentinel Majors are larger, more powerful Sentinel models used for heavy combat situations. They provide backup for Enforcers in the event of a massive Flood outbreak or attacks on the Halo Installations.


Essentially heavy Sentinels, Enforcers are equipped with a variety of offensive and defensive weaponry, including Heavy Needlers Missile Projectiles, Sentinel Beams, and duel Energy Shields covering both their top and bottom halves. They are designed to handle major Flood outbreaks but are also capable of defending their Halo Installation from external threats.

Onyx Sentinel

Onyx Sentinels both guard and make up the Shield World of Onyx. Onyx Sentinels are far more formidable opponents for a variety of reasons.

Super Sentinel

Considerably larger than normal Sentinels, Super Sentinels fill the same role of combating outside threats.

Protector Sentinel

Roughly similar in appearance to regular Sentinels, Protector Sentinels occupy varying roles from healing or shielding other units to offensive capabilities similar to other sentinels.


Strato-sentinels are massive machines, used to construct large-scale installations including the Halo Array.

Unidentified Sentinel Variant

The largest Sentinel variant seen to date, this Sentinel variant is able to level entire cities with its weaponry.


First appearing in Halo: Combat Evolved, the Sentinels play a important part in aiding the Master Chief through the Library as he attempts to recover the Activation Index. Once learning of Halo's true purpose the Sentinels become an enemy to the Chief as he attempts to destroy Halo.

In Halo 2, Sentinels, at one point, operated automated facilities, such as Threshold's Gas Mine, for "untold centuries". Evidence of this remains; some Sentinels have been seen repairing Covenant vessels as the Arbiter enters the main hangar with the Seraph fighter, a Sentinel fires a green beam at the Seraph -- the same beam as the ones used by Constructors in Sacred Icon.

Sentinels in Halo 3 are also seen on the Ark and aids the Chief as he makes his way towards the cartographer After the death of 343 Guilty Spark the Sentinels once again become an enemy. A different variant of Sentinels have also been seen on Onyx; and serve as a shield to protect anything without proper clearance from getting near the Shield World.

In Halo Wars, Sentinels serve as backup units; once the player controls a Sentinel Factory, Sentinels will start following the player's orders until the shop is destroyed or captured by the enemy. However thier are no Guardian Sentinals that can be made in the factory.


  • In Ghosts of Onyx, an Onyx Sentinel approaches Ash, one of Kurt's Spartan-IIIs, and attempts to communicate with him, first in Latin, then in English. Later in the book, Dr. Halsey confirms that this drone was a Sentinel, therefore proving that the Sentinels of Onyx have a slightly more advanced AI than those of any other Installations (besides Monitors).
  • There is a lone Needler Sentinel found on the level Quarantine Zone. It fires sporadic Needler rounds and drops a Needler when destroyed. The Sentinel is non-canonical and is a development leftover.
  • Chris Hughes created a crablike machine with many animating parts that gave the Sentinel life and character.[verification needed]
  • On certain levels in Halo 3, it is possible to 'surf' on Sentinels, by standing on the furthest possible point from the front of the Sentinel. This is easiest on The Ark, at the point where the light bridge must be opened for the Scorpions and Warthogs. The Sentinel will, eventually, hover over the edge, holding you up 50% of the time. Remaining on top of the Sentinel allows you to reach inaccessible locations.
  • The Bubble Shield, created by the ONI, shares many similarities to that of the shielding technology of the Sentinel, especially that of the model used at Onyx.
  • Sentinels share both similar design and functions to that of the P'fhor Defense Drones from the Marathon (Video Game Series). In addition, they share the same weaknesses of being unable to withstand Shotgun and Plasma Pistol/Fusion Pistol fire.



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Special Adaptations
Giant robots

Robots designed specifically as hunters.




First appearance

X-Men #14
(November, 1965)



The Sentinels were first created by Dr. Bolivar Trask, who intended to use them to save humanity from what he saw as a threat to the species' existence in the form of mutants.

In a television debate between Trask and Professor Charles Xavier, Trask revealed and then activated the Sentinels, who promptly decided that the best way to protect humanity was to rule over it themselves. The Sentinels kidnapped Xavier and brought him and Trask to the primary Sentinel, Master Mold, only for Xavier's students, the X-Men, to find them. When Trask realized the error in his ways and that not all mutants were a threat to the world at large, he aided the X-Men by sabotaging the machinery in the Sentinel base, destroying Master Mold and the Sentinels in the explosion, but he died in the process. However, numerous Sentinels and several Master Molds were built after the destruction of the original models.

Trask had a son, Larry, who was also a mutant. Trask gave his son a control medallion which blocked the Sentinels' mutant-sensing equipment. Not aware that he was a mutant, Larry built the next batch of Sentinels, only to be slain by them when he removed the control medallion. Larry's "Mark II" Sentinels were later persuaded by Cyclops to fly into the sun, as he was able to convince them that they needed to destroy the sun in order to completely prevent mutation.

The most long-lived Sentinel project was that of Project Wideawake, a government agency led by Henry Gyrich and Valerie Cooper that purchased Sentinels from Sebastian Shaw, the mutant Black King of the Hellfire Club. Project: Wideawake also had its own research and development division, based at Camp Hayden, which included an attempt to recreate Nimrod and used this technology to adapt the purchased Sentinels. Sentinels created by this project fought the X-Men, the New Mutants, the Falcon, and X-Factor, among others.

During the "Acts of Vengeance", the Asgardian trickster god Loki manipulated various super-villains into attacking random superheroes with whom they had no previous enmity. For the climax of this chaos, he magically amplified the power of three Sentinels, merged them into the massive Tri-Sentinel, and sent the gestalt robot to destroy New York City by leveling a nearby nuclear power plant. Spider-Man was possessed by the disembodied spirit known as Captain Universe to prevent this from occurring, and lost the Captain Universe power once he destroyed the Tri-Sentinel. However, the Tri-Sentinel's remains were gathered by a survivalist group, and it rebuilt itself and again attempted to destroy the power plant. It was destroyed on a sub-molecular level by Spider-Man, with the assistance of Nova, released a deposit of "anti-metal" (Antarctic vibranium) at the center of its body.

During the Onslaught crossover, a number of government-owned Sentinels were reprogrammed by the Dark Beast in service of the psychic entity called Onslaught. These Sentinels fought the X-Men, Avengers, a then-retired Peter Parker and the current Spider-Man (Ben Reilly). They ended the career of the heroic Green Goblin (Phil Urich) when a piece of machinery damaged his mask. The effects of Onslaught's rampage ends the lives of the parents of Hallie Takahama, who would later join the Thunderbolts as Jolt.

One of the Sentinels involved in this operation had data-gathering as it's primary function. Observing from the edge of space, it survives when Onslaught is defeated. It's extrapolations serve to convince it a more deadly threat is facing the population of Earth. It overrides it's own programming and tries to warn the X-Men. Wary of any Sentinel, they shoot it down. It dies, saying it is afraid to do so, before it can deliver it's warning.

During the "Operation: Zero Tolerance" crossover, a number of humans were transformed into cyborg Human-Sentinel hybrids known as Prime Sentinels. These Pseudo-Sentinels were led by the robotic humanoid Bastion. One of these Prime Sentinels, Karima Shapandar, had her mind restored by Magneto and Professor X, though her physical modifications remain.

During the war against Kang the Conqueror, a battalion of Sentinels was sent into space to attack his space station. Kang had, during a prolonged visit to the early 20th century, become an influential pioneer in robotics under the alias "Victor Timely", and was able to use his knowledge of modern robotics to instantly take control of these Sentinels and send them to attack Earth.

Despite his success in the battle, during which thousands of Washington D.C. citizens were slain, Kang was ultimately defeated by the Avengers. The robotic hero X-51, better known as Machine Man, was temporary reprogrammed with Sentinel programming.

In New X-Men #115, Wolverine and Cyclops destroy two Sentinels in Australia. Meanwhile, Professor X's evil twin Cassandra Nova used the nephew of Bolivar Trask to revive a Master Mold in Amazonia and control it's array of "Wild Sentinels". The nephew was genetically similar enough to Bolivar so as to be protected, the Sentinel's prime directive was to preserve Trask DNA. Cassandra eventually transformed herself into the man's genetic duplicate, killed him and took control of the machines.

She used this Master Mold to send a number of skyscraper-sized, highly adaptive "Wild Sentinels" to destroy most of the population of Genosha. 16 million people, mostly mutants, were killed. In Mekanix, a number of Wild Sentinels hijacked a ship from South America and attacked Chicago, where Kitty Pryde was attending university.

On Genosha, one of the deactivated Wild Sentinels was transformed by several of the surviving Genoshan mutants (Unus, Paralyzer, Toad and Toad-In-Waiting) into a statue of Magneto, with Professor X's face later also added to the statue, another was temporarily animated by "Danger", the sentient manifestation of the X-Men's Danger Room.

Nova also programmed a number of microscopic, nanite-based "Nano-Sentinels" to attack the blood cells of the inhabitants of the Xavier Institute, making the X-Men and their students sick. The Nano-Sentinels were destroyed by Xorn, who may have been an alias of Magneto, although some of them were used to restore Professor Xavier's spine and legs for the duration of Xorn's stay with the X-Men. The entity calling itself Xorn had used the Micro-Sentinels to fake healing abilities. When he left, he took away Xavier's mobility.

A Sentinel series was published under the Tsunami imprint in 2002. This series followed a boy named Juston Seyfert who discovered and reprogrammed a Sentinel of his own, using it for both good deeds and boosts to his own popularity. The series was canceled after twelve issues, but was revived in 2005 for a five-issue limited series.


Alternate Universes

Days of Future Past (Earth-811)

In Earth-811, the Omega Class Sentinels were the robotic controllers of the United States of America. Sentinel Mk VI was the previous model, and Nimrod was following the model. They were self-replicating robotic "overseers" of Earth and Mutant hunters. They were originally born in the Baxter Building, New York City, New York, Earth-811. Also, other construction centers throughout the United States, Earth-811.

In alternate reality of Earth-811 ("Days of Future Past"), the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants assassinated Senator Robert Kelly. As a result, anti-mutant hysteria grew and an extreme candidate was elected President. This President freed the Sentinels, giving them the open order to permanently eliminate the mutant "threat".

The Sentinels reacted by taking control of the United States and all of North America, and killing or capturing virtually all of the super humans, be it mutants or not. Captured mutants were kept in concentration camps known as "mutant internment centers".

The self-replicating Sentinels developed the new model, the Omega series, designed specially to hunt and kill super-human mutants. They share the most threatening feature of Mark II, a learning program.

Later, the Omega Sentinels, absolute kings of the land, developed a more advanced Sentinel: Nimrod. The prototype of this project managed to go to Earth-616.[1]

Powers included:

  • Darts: Omega Sentinels carried ten steel javelin-like darts on the trunk that could be thrown to pierce an opponent.
  • Electric Isolation: Omega Sentinels were specially protected against electric attacks.
  • Encephalo-Scanner: At least some of the Omega Sentinels ("Executive type") were equipped with an scanner to read brainwaves of a target and determine if it was saying the truth. This device was not infallible.
  • Energy Blast: The Mark I had an amount of different blasts, including but not reducing to plasm, electrons, stunners and heat, that could be shot from their chests. They were also armed with a disintegrator only working with inorganic matter.
  • Flight used jets
  • Learning Program: A special learning program allowed a particular Mk IV a certain advantage when fighting an enemy, but only after at least some seconds of analysis. This data could be stored for future uses against the same enemy, so that any Sentinel from any model could access the information. Any needed modification would take at least one week. In the 21st century, all known mutants, living or dead, were filed.
  • Mutant Detection: The Sentinels constantly scanned all the living beings in the immediate surrounding area and were able to determine if they were humans or mutants. The "immediate area" covered up to ten miles.
  • Robot: Due to its nature, the sentinels were protected by the sheer strength of the hull. They could not be affected by emotional or mental attacks, nor by illusions. However, they were susceptible to attacks affecting machinery.

Omega Sentinels were able to lift up to 70 tons.

The Mk I Sentinels were programmed to protect humanity from mutants, but their programming was completely open as for how they could do that. Thus, they could damage or kill humans to capture mutants.

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

In Ultimate X-Men, the Sentinels, created by Bolivar Trask, were already in action at the beginning of the first story arc, hunting down and killing mutants on the streets. Later on, there were also the New Sentinels that were 60 of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agents in a Sentinel battle armor that has enough hardware to take on a fleet of the old Sentinel models (though this may have been an exaggeration). A new breed of Sentinels, created by Trask under orders from the Fenris twins, is currently hunting mutants.[2]

Mutant X (Earth-1298)

In Mutant X, the Sentinels are still depicted as mutant hunters. They are the primary enemies of the Six.[3]

House of M (Earth-58163)

Originally built by Bolivar Trask, the Sentinels were mutant hunting robots designed to round up the mutant populace and place them in internment camps and battle the growing number of mutant dissidents (most notably Magneto). Riding the wave of anti-mutant hysteria, Bolivar Trask eventually ascended to the office of Vice-President, and the Sentinels took a more active role in policing America's mutants.

After the Human-Mutant war, Magneto reprogrammed the Sentinels that were used against mutants to be his personal enforcers of the laws of the House of Magnus around the globe.

They ended up persecuting humans in the same way they originally persecuted the mutants.[4]

Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

The history of the Age of Apocalypse Sentinels is unknown.[5]

Exiles #12 (Earth-2600)

Functioning on a world where almost all of the mutants had been eliminated, these sentinels weren't as formidable as some from other universes, and the Exiles enjoyed kicking the tar out of them alongside Weapon X.[6]

Mutant Extinction (Earth-94831)

On Earth-94831, the Sentinels were deployed by President Kelly in order to rid the world of the 'mutant problem'. They successfully destroyed the X-Men, but were unable to complete his plan due to Hyperion destroying them all so that he could take over the planet for himself.[7]

Wolverine and the X-Men (Earth-80920)

Wolverine's abilities were incorporated into a futuristic version of the sentinel that could heal itself.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-691)

After killing many heroes and villains, the sentinels were destroyed by Namor.

Powers and Abilities


Sentinels have a vast array of abilities:

They can fly, shoot various weapons (primarily energy blasts and restraining devices) from different parts of their bodies, and detect mutants at long range. Some of them could even change form and re-assemble after being destroyed


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Same as Earth
Gravity: Same as Earth
Atmosphere: They do not need to breath
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: Government type unknown.
Level of Technology: Same as Earth
Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.



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