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War droid
Production information

Kellenech Technologies

Product line

Sentinel droid-series


Mark I-V


Battle droid

Technical specifications

Blaster rifle


Personal energy shield (optional)

Chronological and political information

Old Republic era


The Sentinel droid-series (also known as the war-droid or military droid-series) was the only known series of android among the war machines used by the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire in the Jedi Civil War. Variants included the Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, and Mark V, which were all outwardly identical.

A sentinel droid.

During the Mandalorian Wars, Revan's Republic forces deployed such droids from KT-400 military droid carriers, from which they controlled them by remote signal much like the Droid Control Ships of the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems millennia later. Such droids were used when the Republic conquered the Mandalorian remnant on Dxun. At least one carrier crashed on the moon's surface; it and its complement of droids were later discovered by the Jedi Exile.

Sentinel droids were equipped with blaster rifles and could benefit from personal energy shields, which, unlike spherical energy shields utilized by other models, allowed them to move while shielded.

The Ahto City Civil Authority used these droids extensively for the purposes of security and apprehending those who broke the laws of Ahto City. Revan was apprehended on Manaan by a battalion of sentinel droids under the command of a Selkath officer. Like the Assault droid Mark IV, the sentinel droid was preferred by the Selkath over live soldiers, most likely because of their efficiency and Selkath's preference of pacifism over violence.

Some individuals, such as Ahlan Matale and Nurik Sandral, used these droids as bodyguards.


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A KT-400 military droid carrier unloads Sentinel droids on Onderon

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