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Senex sector (right) in Senex-Juvex region.
Senex sector

Mid Rim[1]


Thull's Shroud[1]

Other objects
  • Asmeru Anomaly
  • The Tangles
Trade routes
Native species


"That's practically a little Empire itself these days - the Garonnin family and the Vandrons and their kind always wanted it to be."
Mara Jade, 12 ABY

Senex sector was in the Mid Rim, bordering Juvex sector and near the Ninth Quadrant, located next to the Rimma Trade Route. The two sectors made up the Senex-Juvex. The sector was long independent of the Galactic Republic, ruled by an alliance of "Ancient Houses," including Elegin, Garonnin, Taneel, and Vandron (which was the oldest and noblest).

The sector was originally settled after the Ruusan Reformations, by a group of settlers under the leadership of Thull Vandron. In 553 BBY, a conflict known as the Crimson Days broke out in the sector, but was ended by the Third Nantama Synod.[1]

The sector was self-supporting, but desired open trade with the Republic and at the Fourth Nantama Synod, the Houses decided to make peace with the Republic. They tried to establish commercial links with Republic mega-corporations, but the Galactic Senate stopped this, due to the widespread use of slavery in the Senex sector.[1] It gained the right to trade after aiding the Republic in cracking down on the Nebula Front, which was based on the Senex planet Asmeru. At some point prior to the end of the Clone Wars, the sector was finally permitted into the Republic, and represented in the Galactic Senate by Terr Taneel. The Galactic Empire maintained only a token presence in the sector, and it never joined the New Republic. It was the center of the Ismaren plot. The Herzfall Corporation was based in the sector.

In addition to Asmeru, planets in the sector include Hutlar, Karfeddion, Neelanon, Yetoom Na Uun, Mussibir III, and Senex itself.


Behind the scenes

Children of the Jedi seems to imply Picutorion is in Senex sector, but The Hunt Within places it in Kwymar sector.

"Senex" is Latin for "old man." "Senex" is also the name of a farm store.



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