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The Sending is a ceremony performed by Summoners in Final Fantasy X that helps guide the spirits of the dead to the Farplane. The performance of a sending takes the form of dance. Yuna's attire was changed from what we see in the gallery below to the furisode we see in-game because Nomura wanted a dress that would "flow" when she did the Sending. This was best seen in the Sending at Kilika, after Sin's attacks.

Unsent spirits eventually become fiends. When someone dies without accepting death, they walk around as an unsent. They envy the living, and that envy soon turns to hate and resentment, which the Pyreflies react to, turning them into fiends.

In rare cases, a sent spirit can leave the Farplane if they still have an attachment to the world of the living strong enough to prevent them from moving on to next world. The only occurrence of this that is known to the player is when Jyscal Guado very briefly leaves the Farplane to give Yuna a sphere of Seymour.



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