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Senate Hall
General information

c. 15,000 BBY




Old Republic era


Galactic Republic

The Senate Hall, Republic Senate Chamber, or Old Senate Chamber was the building that housed the Galactic Senate in Republic City (later Galactic City) on Coruscant from the earliest days of the Galactic Republic (circa 15,000 BBY) to the time of the Old Sith Wars.



Senate Hall in 3,996 BBY.

In contrast to the Galactic Senate Building that eventually replaced it, the Senate Hall was a smaller, more intimate debating chamber, designed in a far more ancient architectural style and constructed over thousands of years. Its interior resembled an oval stadium, and it was estimated that perhaps as many as 50,000 senators could attend discussions comfortably. The Republic Senate Guardsmen were responsible for guarding not only the building, but the senators, Supreme Chancellor, Vice Chair, and the Staff Aide during senatorial meetings. The building was also used during Inquisitions

In 3,996 BBY, during the trial of Ulic Qel-Droma, the Sith Lord Exar Kun entered the Hall, placing the assembled senators and the Supreme Chancellor under his control as he battled Jedi to free his apprentice. It was soon replaced by a more secure structure, but was still used for several ceremonial purposes, including the trial of Demagol in 3,963 BBY.

Behind the scenes

  • The Senate Hall resembled the interior of the Roman Senate building.


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