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Senate Guard ceremonial blaster rifle
Production information

Ceremonial blaster rifle


Blaster rifle

Physical and technical specifications



7 kg

  • 30 meters (optimum)
  • 300 meters (maximum)
Usage and history

Rise of the Empire era


Senate Guard

"The blue guards started telling everyone to clear the doors, and then people started shouting back. They [the protestors] tried to push back, and that's when the rifles came out."
Lia Reicheds

The ceremonial blaster rifle was a blaster rifle used by the Senate Guards of the Galactic Republic.

This distinctive black-and-silver weapon was powerful and highly accurate in the right hands, and all Guardsmen were trained in rifle proficiency as new recruits. The blaster also carried a stun setting and a stun prod useful for crowd-control situations. Although designated as "ceremonial" weapons, these rifles saw increased use during the latter decades of the Republic's rule. As of 19 BBY they were apparently capable of rapid-fire.

By the time of the New Republic, the ceremonial rifle had been phased out of service, though they remained available as collectors items on the black market.

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