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Archadian Senators
"So long as the Senate watches over her, Archadia's well-being will ever be assured."

The Imperial Senate is the main political body of the Archadian Empire in Final Fantasy XII. 200 years before the start of the game, the Senate was actively engaged in the rule of Archadia before the rising power of the military caused a turn towards an imperial system. While the emperors ruled the nation with the power of the Judges, the Senate, now a mere rubber stamp council, remains in the capital of Archades, having little role other than to scheme against the head of state.

In Final Fantasy XII, the Senate fears the rising strength of the young and ambitious heir to House Solidor, Vayne, and so moves to have him executed for treason, citing the loss of the 8th Fleet of the Imperial Army. In his place they hope to prop up the child Larsa. Vayne comes to Archades to confront his father, Emperor Gramis, but finds that the elderly and sickly emperor prefers Larsa. In a single move, Vayne destroys his enemies: he kills his father and then blames the crime on the head of the Senate Chairman Gregoroth. Using the Judges, Vayne has the entire Senate arrested, giving him complete control over the whole of the Archadian Empire. Judge Drace alone attempts to stop this coup d'etat, but she is executed on the spot by her fellow Judges.

The further fate of the Senate is never revealed, and it is unknown if the body was ever restored.


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A Senate is a deliberative body composed of senators, usually associated with legislative functions, although it can also hold executive or judicial powers of varying degrees. There are several notable senates:

In addition, there are also the positions of President of the Senate and Speaker of the Senate.

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The Senate is a pre-war governing body of Cybertron from the IDW comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
This symbol denotes official Senate dealings on documents and also adorns many buildings and members of Senators' personal staff. Basically, if someone has this, then they're better than you.

The Senate is the legislative body of pre-war Cybertron. While the Prime and the Autobot Security Services may hold military and police powers, the Senate creates the laws they enforce.

Known senators from this era include:


IDW continuity

Just prior to the Great War, the Senate had grown rich and corrupt, making only conciliatory gestures to their constituents while hoarding energon and manipulating the commerce of Cybertron to their advantage. One of the main projects that had resulted from this was the increased automation of the asteroid energon mines. Sentinel Prime appeared well aware that the Senate was out for itself, and held a rather low opinion of them as a whole. Megatron Origin

The Senate's status following the devastation of Cybertron is unknown, but things did not look good for them.


  • As Megatron Origin was based on the decline of the Roman Empire, the Senate was most likely based on the Roman Senate. This tells us nothing of how the Senators were elected, however, as Roman Senators were former Roman magistrates, and since Primes appear to be lifetime appointments, it's unlikely that it's made of former Primes.

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