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The mines beneath Semitt Falls
Semitt Falls on the world map

The Semitt Falls (セミトのたき, Semito no Taki lit. "Waterfall of Semitt") is a location from Final Fantasy II. Located west of Fynn, it contains a store of Mythril. In order to reach it, however, Firion and his allies must defeat a Sergeant of the Palamecian army.

One of the floors in Semitt Falls has a stone room where workers from the nearby town of Salamand are kept prisoner by Palamecia. The thief Paul explains their plight and how they, along with Josef's daughter Nelly, were forced to mine Semitt Falls for Mythril. The slaves, including Nelly, are released by Firion and return to Salamand. Firion and his allies then venture further within the cave to defeat the Sergeant and retrieve the Mythril.



Item Location
400 Gil B1
200 Gil B1
Eye Drops B2
Hi-Potion B2
Potion B2
200 Gil B3
200 Gil B3
Fire Tome B4
Teleport Tome B5
Mythril B5
Snowcraft Hidden room on B1


Battle background


The Background Music that plays in Salamand is Final Fantasy II's "Dungeon" theme.


Other Appearances


Final Fantasy Tactics

The Semitt Falls

The Semitt Falls was mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

A site of significance for the ancient Palamecian Empire. Mythril was mined beneath these majestic falls, while extacium—a fuel used by the airships of the day—could be gleaned from their magickal waters.

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