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The Seltaya-class fast courier was a type of starfighter built by Hoersch-Kessel Drive in the last days of the Old Republic, widely used by the Jedi Knights.



It was a small, fast scoutship, in contrast to the large capital ships created by HKD for the Trade Federation. It thus belonged to a design lineage that stretched back to the Delaya-class courier of four thousand years earlier, and also embodied by the contemporary Tavya-class armored picket and Chryya-class very fast courier. Like those ships, the Seltaya took its class-name from a planet ending in -a, in this case Seltaya in the Ropagi system.

Unlike many fighters of the period, the Seltaya was equipped with an internal hyperdrive, but it was apparently armed only with laser cannons, with no missile weapons. It could be flown by a single pilot and an R2-series astromech droid, and at least some models had a cockpit entered via an opening canopy, but references are also made to ships of this class with relatively expansive on-board accommodation, including a galley. These ships were capable of carrying at least four additional passengers or crew alongside the pilot.


The Jedi Order kept a number of these ships in the hangars at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, including the Limit of Vision which Jai Maruk used to scout the Hydian Way, and the ship which Palleus Chuff took to Ithor while impersonating Yoda. Although some people questioned the quality of construction of war-built ships, with each part contracted out to the lowest bidder, the streamlined Seltayas were among the favorite ships of Chief Technician Boz Addle at the Temple.

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Behind the scenes

The Seltaya-class ship which Palleus Chuff takes to Ithor early in Yoda: Dark Rendezvous appears to be a new ship, a single-seat military starfighter built during the Clone Wars, with a cockpit that feels cramped and hot once the pilot has climbed in and sealed the canopy. However, the real Yoda and four other Jedi return to Coruscant at the end of the novel in another vessel identified as a Seltaya, this time said to be an older ship, bought second-hand on the Hydian Way: this ship has apparently been in civilian ownership, and seems larger, with a cockpit large enough for at least two people, a galley, and some sort of crew area equipped with a viewscreen, said to be at the opposite end of the ship from the cockpit.

It is not known if the two ships are supposed to have precisely the same configuration, but it can be noted that the reference to a galley, a large cockpit, and a crew area with a visual display that could show the view ahead of the ship all correspond to the B-7 light freighter which the characters had abandoned on Vjun before the climax of the novel. Although some details are slightly different, it is possible that in an earlier draft, the second "Seltaya" was in fact the same B-7.


  • Yoda: Dark Rendezvous

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