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Selma Guitierrez was a female human in the 22nd century. She was born in the United States of America, in Minnesota, and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In school, her specialties were communications and languages.

In 2147, she joined the MACOs (Military Assault Command Operations). Among her assignments were several small engagements while patrolling border and colony worlds, and a six month tour stationed at the Janus Loop.

She held the rank of Corporal in 2153, when the Xindi attacked Earth. Guitierrez had relatives in the state of Florida killed in that attack. Guitierrez was then assigned to the MACO squadron attached to the Starship Enterprise.

During the Xindi mission, Guitierrez became romantically involved with Sergeant Nelson Kemper. Though she had believed she was unable to conceive children, she found herself pregnant seven weeks after the beginning of her relationship.

Fearing possible repercussions to both her career and Kemper's, she kept her pregnancy secret, and briefly considered having it terminated. During this time, Guitierrez went on a recon mission with Corporal Hideaki Chang and Ensign Travis Mayweather that turned into a mission to destroy a Xindi refueling and mining depot. During the mission, Private Colin Eby sacrificed his life for Guitierrez and her unborn baby. After this, Guitierrez decided to keep her baby, and eventually gave birth to their daughter, whom they named Elena. Nelson and Selma then resigned from the MACO service to be a proper family.

Guitierrez was apparently among the few who knew the truth of the fate of Commander Charles Tucker III, who remained close to her family for many years. (ENT novels: Last Full Measure, The Good That Men Do)

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