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Markets are great places to buy and sell your resources and equipment. Because markets don't require players to use merchant mode, they provide an excellent place for F2P players to sell their items. Most markets focus on either a single profession or on a group of related professions. The exception is the resource market, which deals in many kinds of resources (mostly monster drops). Players can sell items individually or in sets of 10 or 100.

There is an NPC in charge of each market place. You can talk with the NPC to 1) obtain information about the sellroom system, and 2) to buy or put up for sale items related to that marketplace. For each item you sell at the marketplace, the NPC charges you a sales commission (a percentage of your sales price). The commissions the NPC charges differ depending on your alignment. If you are of the same alignment, the commissions are 5% in Astrub and 1% in Bonta and Brakmar. If you are of the opposite alignment or are neutral, the commissions increase to 2% in Bonta and Brakmar.

The items you leave for sale in the market will stay available for sale for only a certain period of time (72 hours in Astrub, 336 hours in Bonta and Brakmar) or until someone buys them. If nobody buys your item(s), they will be returned to your bank account; however, you will still be charged the selling fee (commission). If someone does buy your item(s), then the kamas you receive from selling it are deposited directly into your bank account. Note that you can also withdraw your item if you need it before it has been bought.

Sellrooms in Astrub have two significant limitations: Only items below level 21 can be sold there. Also, you cannot sell more than 5 items or sets of items at a time. (However, in Bonta and Brakmar you can sell up to 90-125 items per sellroom).

For other sales methods, see the Sales Guide.

To see the location of all the markets (NPC's) see the Seller page.


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