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Astrub Bonta Brakmar
Astrubian Resource Seller Bontarian Resource Seller Brakmarian Resource Seller

The seller NPC also known as market NPC is an NPC that provides a service where you can buy or sell items. They will hold your items for a certain amount of time and sell them for you. You will be charged a percentage of your selling price to post your item for sale.

For more detailed information on how this NPC interacts, see Market. Not to be confused with players merchant mode.


Market Locations
Market Astrub Bonta Brakmar Categories
Alchemist (4,-18) (-33,-55) (-26,36) Alchemy Equipment, Dyeing, Forgetfulness Potion, Gift Item, Metaria, Potion, Skill loss potion, Smithmagic Potion, Unlearning Potion for Profession
Baker (3,-15) (-26,-52) (-24,31) Bread, Candy
Butcher (2,-14) (-30,-50) (-27,32) Edible meat
Carver (3,-20) (-29,-60) (-22,40) Bow, Staff, Wand
Farmer (3,-17) (-29,-54) (-25,31) Cereal, Flour, Oil
Fisherman (0,-18) (-35,-55) (-27,37) Fish, Gutted fish
Fishmonger (0,-17) (-35,-55) (-27,37) Edible fish
Handyman (5,-18) (-29,-59) (-28,35) Breeding Item, Keys, Magic Weapon, Prism
Hunter (0,-16) (-30,-50) (-27,32) Meat, Preserved meat
Jeweller (6,-17) (-33,-60) (-26,38) Amulet, Ring
Lumberjack (3,-21) (-30,-60) (-22,37) Bark, Bud, Plank, Root, Wood
Miner (6,-19) (-28,-58) (-20,34) Alloy, Magic Stone, Ore, Precious Stone, Stone
Pet N/A (-36,-55) (-31,37) Bow Kennel Certificate, Living Objects, Mount Certificate, Pet, Pet Ghost
Resource (4,-17) (-32,-57) (-25,33) Bone, Carapace, Ear, Egg, Eye, Fabric, Feather, Flower, Fruit, Hair, Jelly, Leather, Leg, Plant, Powder, Resource, Seed, Shell, Skin, Tail, Vegetable, Wing, Wool
Rune N/A (-38,-55) (-29,38) Smithmagic Rune
Scroll N/A (-36,-56) (-31,38) Characteristic Scroll, Document, Experience scroll, Skill, Spell scroll
Shoemaker (0,-20) (-29,-57) (-24,36) Belt, Boots
Smith (6,-18) (-28,-55) (-21,35) Axe, Dagger, Hammer, Pickaxe, Scythe, Shovel, Sword
Soul Stone N/A (-27,-60) (-19,39) Full Soul Stone, Soul Stone
Tailor (0,-22) (-30,-56) (-23,35) Backpack, Cloak, Hat
Tied Scroll N/A (-33,-57) (-31,38) Seeker scroll
Markets in other localities
Market Locations
Market Area Location Categories
Fairyworks Trool Fair (-10,-41) Fairy-works
Shield smith Pandala Village (26,-35) Shield

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