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Aili Lavena.

The Selkies were an amphibious/aquatic humanoid species native to the planet Pacifica, and thus sometimes called Pacificans.


Selkies spend the early part of their lives (thirty-five years on average) as amphibians, able to breath air through a lung, or in water through a pair of gill crests on top of their heads. At some point in childhood, young Selkies begin to develop spiny fins. This is also their fertile period, when they bear and raise children.

At the end of this amphibious stage, the lung atrophies and becomes a simple air sac, incapable of sustaining the body's needed oxygen levels. At this time, the Selkie becomes fully aquatic, living underwater and able only to visit the surface for brief periods without the aid of a hydration suit or other breathing apparatus. At this same time, the individual Selkie will lose much of its body fat, and the female's four breasts will become flattened, proving greater ease in swimming.


Selkies are polygamous, taking numerous sexual partners to conceive children with. The mother raises all her children, while the male will remain part of the family unit for only a limited period before moving on. In their fertile years, Selkie are expected only to mate for reproductive purposes, and recreational sex is frowned upon. Because of this cultural taboo, some amphibious Selkie seek out sexual partners in the off-world enclaves of Pacifica, with partners who are unaware of these social strictures.

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Final Fantasy

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Selkies (セルキー) are one of the four tribal groups from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series.



The Selkie tribe symbol.

Selkies have some of the same characteristics of the Clavat Tribe. They usually wear little clothing with some animal fur. Female Selkies have the largest busts between the tribes, and male Selkies sometimes wear kilts. Their hair ranges from bright colors to plain white. They are the quickest of all the races, but also the weakest in combat. They are able to interbreed with Clavats and Lilties.



Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

"These rugged individuals clothe themselves in fur decorated with stolen goods. Unlike other tribes, they believe in putting themselves first. Many Selkies are agile and athletic, traits they put to good use as thieves. Though the other tribes tend to scorn them, some Selkie now reside in Clavatian villages."
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles instruction manual.

In Crystal Chronicles, they are the quickest race with the quickest Focus attacks; they also have a longer range on their focus attacks than the other tribes. Overall, the Selkie excels at Speed and has decent Strength, but lacks slightly in Defense and Magic. The Selkie "Defend" command is a quick backflip that ignores all attacks and magic. Selkies use rackets as weapons, some of which shoot energy for a Focus attack, similar to Final Fantasy IX.

Many of the specific Selkie characters in the game seem to mainly look out for themselves; the Striped Brigands, for example, are thieves (although they are rather incompetent at actual theft), and the Selkie caravan that the player can come across seems to have no interest in actually getting the myrrh needed for the crystal in their town of Leuda. The Leuda crystal manages to replenish itself every year despite the laziness of the caravan. If a player is not a Selkie and talks to people in Leuda, they will have gil stolen from them.

Selkie characters in Crystal Chronicles include De Nam, Bal Dat, Meh Gat, and the Leuda Caravan.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

In Ring of Fates, one of the playable characters in Story Mode, Gnash, is a Selkie. Other important characters who are Selkies include King Kolka, the King of Rebena Te Ra. Princess Tilika, the daughter of King Kolka, is half Selkie and half Clavat.

Their main weapon in this game is a bow. They have the highest SP of all the Tribes, can hit enemies from long range, and have better chances of critical hits as they level up. When they begin, they are able to fire only one arrow, but as they level up, they will eventually be able to fire five projectiles in a single shot. They are the only Tribe with the ability to "double-jump". When using the touch screen, players can tap an enemy to let out a devastating strike.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

In My Life as a King, one of the main characters, Chancellor Chime, is half Selkie and half Clavat.

Selkies only appear in the Kingdom after an Inn is built. They do not stay and cannot be recruited until a Selkie Den, an additional downloadable content, is built. Female Selkies can only be recruited as Thieves.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

In Echoes of Time, Selkies return as one of the four playable tribes. Like in their Ring of Fates appearance, they can jump higher than any other tribe and equip bows. They can now also equip paddles, similar to the rackets from the original Crystal Chronicles game. The game offers six default names for Selkie characters, which are:

Male Names:
  • Muh Jica
  • Dah Maat
  • Giy Em
  • Gul Toh
  • De Di
  • Geck Moo
Female Names:
  • Roo Jay
  • Ra Lena
  • Momo Phi
  • Tiy Rah
  • Sala Nah
  • See Sooy

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

In The Crystal Bearers, most Selkies reject the authority of the Lilty Empire, and turn to thievery to survive. A notable exception is Layle's partner, Keiss, along with Belle. They are the only tribe to not be represented with a crystal bearer in the game.


Selkies in Faroese, Icelandic, Irish mythology and Scottish mythology were humans who could transform themselves into seals. Although they have very little connection to this in the games, Dow Hatty, an NPC in Leuda, does say, "They say Selkies came from the sea, and to the sea we will someday return."

This article uses material from the "Selkie" article on the Final Fantasy wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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