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Self-Destruct in Final Fantasy V.

Self-Destruct, also known as Exploder, Kamikaze, or Blowup, is a Blue Magic spell. It typically KOs the spell caster while doing large damage (sometimes Fire-elemental) to enemies. It is commonly used by Bombs and their ilk. Enemies that Self-Destruct usually result in no Experience Points, Gil, or items being awarded for defeating that enemy.



Final Fantasy IV

Bomb-type enemies, Red Giants, and Barnabas use Self-Destruct when low on health or in response to magic. Rydia can also learn the Bomb summon, which does damage to an enemy based on her HP.

Final Fantasy V

Self-Destruct appears as a Blue Magic.

Final Fantasy VI

Strago can learn Self-Destruct.

Final Fantasy VII

Bomb Blast is the name of the suicide attack for Bombs and Grenades in Final Fantasy VII. It deals heavy damage on one target. Self-Destruct is another suicide attack a lot like Bomb Blast. 2-Faced will either use Self-Destruct or Cure 3 on a member of the party as its final move before dying.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Kamikaze command can be junctioned to a party member. It is initially learned by the Cactuar GF, but can be taught to any GF by using the Bomb Spirit item. It is one of the most powerful attacks in the game, with the ability to reach 60,000 points of damage at the cost of losing the character. The amount of damage done is equal to the character's Max HP multiplied by 6. Any GF junctioned to the user that is removed from the battle due to this ability will still receive EXP and AP.

Final Fantasy IX

Blowup is a spell only available to the Bomb enemy during the battle aboard the Prima Vista with Steiner. When the Bomb uses this ability, he blows up and deals damage to Steiner, automatically ending the battle. The incarnation of the Bomb fought later in the game as a regular random encounter does not have this ability.

Final Fantasy X

Kimahri can learn Self-Destruct as a Ronso Rage Overdrive. When used, Kimahri is removed completely from the battlefield and cannot be revived or replaced. It inflicts damage on one enemy equal to three times Kimahri's maximum HP.

Final Fantasy XI

Self-Destruct is a Blue Magic spell that deals heavy area of effect Fire damage and gives the caster Weakened, as status effect that greatly weakens the player in all respects that is usually only applied when revived with a Raise spell. It is learned from Bombs, although they actually commit suicide when they use it.

Other variations of Bombs have access to their own versions of Self-Destruct which cannot be learned as Blue Magic. Clusters (actually 3 small bombs) can perform a weak Self-Destruct individually, or all Self-Destruct at once to devastating effect. Djinn can use Nocturnal Combustion, which is identical to Self-Destruct but deals Dark damage. Similarly, Snolls have access to Hypothermal Combustion, which deals Ice damage.

The Two-hour ability for the Ninja Job is Mijin Gakure, a powerful non-elemental Self-Destruct which, unlike the Blue Magic spell, actually kills the user.

Final Fantasy XII

Self-Destruct is an enemy ability used by Bomb-type enemies; and Kamikaze is used by Vulture-type enemies.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Self-Destruct is used by Bombs, King Bombs, and Mom Bombs.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Bombs and Grenades can Self-Destruct, which also adds Oil status.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Blue Mages learn Blowup from Bombs and Grenades. The ability deals massive damage to enemies on adjacent tiles, but knocks out its caster.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Once again called Self-Destruct, this Blue Magick spell is learned from Bombs.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Self-Destruct is an Enemy Ability that causes massive damage at the cost of the user's own life. It is used by the Beholder and the Shadow.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Bomb summon uses Self-Destruct which, a short time after it is summoned, will decreases the summoner's Brave Points to zero and damage the opponent by the same amount of Brave Points lost.


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