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When She Was Young

Born Selena Quintanilla on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas. Selena was considered the "Queen of Tejano", a type of Mexican music that incorporated other styles, such as country. Selena began to sing when she was a child in her families band. She didn't know how to speak Spanish at that time but learned the Spanish lyrics. The family band was called Selena Y Los Dinos. They started at singing at weddings and clubs. The band members was her brother who played the guitar and sister who played the drums. She sang the songs. Her father Abraham, a former musician, managed and produced the group.


Selena was very popular with her music. She won Best Female Vocalist of the Year and Performer of the Year at the 1987 Tejano Music Awards. Her album Ven Conmigo (1990) was the first Tejano record to achieve gold record status, meaning it sold more than 500,000 copies. In 1992 Selena married Chris Perez who was the lead guitarist in the band.Her recordings continued to have strong sales, and she won the Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Album in 1993 for her album Live. Amor Prohibido was released that same year and went to gold status.

English Album

Selena went to work on an English-language album that she hoped would put her on the top of the U.S. pop music charts. Unfortunately, she did not live to see its success. On March 31, 1995, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Selena was shot by Yolanda Saldivar who was the founder of Selena's fan club. Selena was about to fire her because she was reported multiple times of stealing money from her fans. Selena died of blood loss.

After Death

After Selena died they produced her album Dreaming of You.The album had two great hits such as I Could Fall In Love and Dreaming of You.She also had another album in 2002 called Ones which had her Spanish songs on it.The song Bidi Bidi Bom Bom was one of the hits on that album.They also made a movie called Selena starring Jennifer Lopez in it.She was Selena.It was realesed in 1997.It was about Selena's life.


1. Dreaming Of You 2. I Could Fall In Love

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Celina in motion

Celina was a dance teacher on Sesame Street who taught various forms of dance in the Dance Studio located "Around the Corner" on Sesame Street. She was in the cast from 1993 to 1996.

One skit, where she danced in a broccoli costume, was recycled in 2000 as part of Sesame English episode "Vegetable Soup".

Book Appearances

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Selena Michelle Burke or better known under her ring name Selena is a professional e-fed wrestler under the name UFL!


Early Career

Right out of college at the age of 24, Selena jumped into the wrestling career which all of her family was going into. Her brother Alakai Burke better known as Dominick Starr, skipped half of his college years and began wrestling at the age of 23. Selena didn't struggle to catch up as she was sent to OVW under her older brothers wing and the two began training viciously. Selena was called up to WWE, but she dropped out to follow her brother, Alakai and Dorian Burke, over to XWL Adrenaline!

XWA Adrenaline! (2006-2008)

Selena and her brothers never seperated and formed the tag team Public Enemy. After consecutive tries to help her brothers win the XWA Tag Team Championships Selena branched off to a singles career. The XWA Women's Champion had been vacant and Selena intentionally injured one of the competitors that was in the Battle Royal for the title, so she could fill the spot. Selena dumped Heather Lox over the ropes to win her first ever XWA Women's Title. She faced her first challenger Amazing Kong, who now goes by Awesome Kong. Kong was the only woman on the roster bigger than Selena, and at Holiday Throwdown Selena was defeated by Kong for the XWA Women's Title. She quickly used her re-match clause on Kong and while Kong approached the ring, Selena came down to the ramp with a glass tube in her hand. She smashed it over Kong's head while she wasn't looking, causing them both to bleed. She threw Kong in the ring and covered her for a 3 count and her second Women's Championship reign.

After a few inactive months, Selena returned with her kayfabe best-friend and legit sister-in-law Zharya Johnson-Burke (Zye), with the ring name Zye. Zye was married to Selena's brother Dorian. Zye was their strictly for managing purposes and helped Selena gain many victories over her opponents. Selena decided to make her reign longer by dropping out of the singles spotlight while still having the title and went back to wrestling with Public Enemy. She then helped her brothers win their first and only tag team title reign. The GM soon got fed up with Selena and put her in a Sadistic 6 Match, pitting 6 women against each other, one being Selena, in a hardcore match for the Women's Title. In the middle of the match, one person ripped out barbed wire and had their sights on Selena, but she escaped and left to the back, leaving the 5 women to battle it out. On that night Yatasha became the new XWA Women's Champion
Selena returned a month later and formed an on-screen friendship with former XWA Women's Champion Harmony and the two later on became a tag team named Dangerous Harmoney. They quickly began torturing the tag champs The Connoaes after their tag matches. Once, Selena tapped Brother Connae to a wheelchair and to the back of a rental car and drove off with him. He didn't appear for several weeks and Selena and Harmony demanded their tag team title shot, so it was granted in a Handicap match. To no surprise they walked out as the new XWA Tag Team Champions
During her tag title reign, Harmony and Selena found themselves facing off against one another for the XWA Women's Championship, Selena being the victor. They cut off their tag team and relinquished the title while vanishing off of the program to kayfabe re-connect their friendship. Really, Selena became interesting in another federation her brothers had already joined...UFL!, and was going on a trail run and to see about a contract and Harmony was focusing on modeling. They returned in mid-2007 and regained their tag titles by a "Change of Plans Match". Dangerous Harmoney was on a path of greatness until Harmony sprained her ankle during a house show and Selena had to defend the titles solely. She lost them to the Eastern Connection in her first defense alone. She then again disappeared, the reason being kayfabe that she was going to wait for Harmony to get better, but the legit reasoning was to again see about UFL! In late 2007 Dangerous Harmoney came back on the attack for the still champions, Easter Connection. Selena & Harmony actually went and took out all of the tag teams, including the males, so that they were a sure shot. When they faced off Dangerous Harmony won their 3rd title reign as champs.
A month later, in December, Selena announced her quitting UFL! and she then relinquished her half of the titles to Harmony who would have to find a new partner. On December 23, 2007 Selena was officially released from XWA Adrenaline!
In Feburary while awaiting her confirmation from UFL!, Selena came back for a one night reunion of Dangerous Harmoney at the pay-per-view Stained Steel for the Tag Titles. They won against long time rivals and then champions Eastern Connection. After the match, the two shed tears because of their final match and departure after growing a legit friendship. The next night the titles were once again vacant due to Selena leaving, but on the next weekly show they invited her back with Harmony in the ring to announce that "Dangerous Harmoney" had been voted Best Tag Team of the Year in the World. Joy was spread throughout the arena for the 4x Tag Team Champions.

UFL! (2008-2009)

After weeks of dark matches, Selena debuted in her first match, being a victory. The relationship of Dorian Starr, temporarily re-named by his real name Dorian Burke, Dominick Starr, and Selena Sky had been hidden in the dark hence the fake ring names. They thought that when decided, they'd reveal themselves. That time came sooner than any other as Dominick was able to pick any Femme Fatale on the roster to be his tag team partner against The Jester & Kimber Chelle, and he chose Selena Sky. They won the match and Kimber got skeptical of why Dominick picked a new girl

That question was shut off for a while as Selena took more singles action and curved more into a heel as she became undefeated. Finally in late-2008 Dominick revealed to the world who Selena and Dorian really were. They quickly re-assembled Public Enemy with all of it's original members. Selena remained undefeated, but competed in rare tag matches. Over her course of time she was involved in many tag team feuds, most with Public Enemy, but one over Playboy. It put Jesikah Maximus, herself, and the Ying Yang Twinz against the Playboy Girls & Brooke Milton. At the Pay-per-view, Selena suffered a tag team lost against the playboy girls which sent her into a rage that also pushed her into a psycho storyline. For weeks she attacked and tormented random Fatales. Then during a storyline with Whiskey Rebel & Allyson Letherlund her best friend and wife of Alakai a.k.a Dominick Starr, Veronica Striker showed up as Dominick's love interest and the girl whom Dominick cheated on Allyson with. The two girls started a reign of terror throughout UFL, first messing with UFL! Fatales Tara C. and Molly Phillips, making Tara turn on Molly then talking out Tara. The Battle Kattz quickly confronted them and set a match for next weeks Psychosis. The feud wouldn't continue as UFL! came to its end. Selena was the only UFL! Superstar or Fatale to remain undefeated throughout her time in UFL.

ICW (2009)

Selena signed a contract immediately after UFLs end, once again following her brother Dominick Starr, to ICW, a new up and coming federation. She formed Xaos, which was the female stable from Public Enemy, which contains Veronica Striker and Selena currently. Like the others, Selena's contract was terminated from ICW for disclosed reasons.

World Wrestling Headquarters?

Promotions began to air on featuring Selena on them, hinting at a possible return for the Psychotic Phenomenon. It is yet unknown if she has signed an official contract, but due to her brother possibly returning and her sister-in-law already apart of WWH, speculation if high that she will soon be too. The rumors were then put down when the Burke family broke away from the company as a whole after a huge disagreement.

Wrestling Information

  • Finishing Moves
    • Busted Dreams (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb)
    • Fantasy Ride (Lifting, rotating, side slam)
  • Signature Moves
    • Multiple clotheslines
    • Mutliple dropkicks
    • Charging 180° spinning facebuster
    • Single Arm DDT
  • Nicknames
    • Fierce Fatale (UFL)
    • Vicious Vixen (ICW)
    • Deadly Diva (ICW)
  • Entrance Music
    • Psychotic Phenomenon - Prince Productions (UFL)
    • Unstoppable - Kat Deluna (Never official used)
    • The Wait Is Over - Rihanna (Said to be used in WWH; Used in WWH promos)


  • XWA Adrenaline!
    • 3x XWA Women's Champion
    • 4x XWA Tag Team Champions w/ Harmony

Personal Life

Selena once dated WWE Superstar Batista. She was also trained in the upcoming training facility of the Burke family, StarrDome.

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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - A Fairy Tale Part I
Location Yanille
Sells items? Yes
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender female
Examine Perhaps this gardener might look after your crops for you.
Notable features Unknown edit

Selena is the gardener who looks after the hops farming patch in Yanille. Players can use her as one of the five gardeners during the A Fairy Tale Part I quest.

There is a possible reference to Eragon's mother in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

Selena could also be a reference to the late Tejano singer of the same name.

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Star Wars Fanon

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Selena was a Human female who spent her time in Ulkar's Cantina. Many people went Ulkar's Cantina every day, and she thought she could recieve profit by selling exclusive items she found to the other patrons.

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image:Germany.gif Selena
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: March 30, 2005
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
LevelMagic LevelFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingFishing

List of Game Worlds.

Additional Info

Healek (experience history) has the highest level and he was the first player on Selena to obtain a Thunder Hammer.

The most rare item there is on Selena are Demon legs and are owned by Peggy Brown

On 2009-06-22 Sulle Vidfamne, played by Master Macavelli at that time, has set a new record of PvP deaths during one day. He died 6 times in 1 hour long battle. Later on he died 2 times in another battle which gives 8 deaths in total. (source)

  • Advantages:
  • It has a fairly low leveled community, compared to other worlds of the same 'age', low equipment prices.
  • Disadvantages:
  • It is plagued with power-abusers and cave-botter's.
  • Everyone seems to be protected by higher lvls.

Currently there's one guild leading the server {{guild|Suit Up}.

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