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Seismic tank
Production information

Haor Chall Engineering[1]


Seismic hover tank[1]



Technical specifications

55 meters[1]

Maximum altitude

30 meters[1]


Seismic driver[1]

  • Armor
  • Self-propelled artillery

Rise of the Empire era


A seismic tank, or seismic charge minelayer, was a repulsorcraft that traveled very close to the surface of a planet and inflicted damage to an opposing force by ejecting a large piston downward onto it, smashing them, and then creating a shockwave that rippled away from its impact zone.



These vehicles were first used as a weapon of war by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Their first notable engagement was during the Battle of Dantooine where it was supported by a large number of battle droids from the Droid Army. However, the tank was destroyed by Jedi Master Mace Windu who single-handedly destroyed the massive vehicle in the battle and ensured a victory for the Galactic Republic against the Separatists.

At Ukio, Jedi General's Kit Fisto and Keelyvine Reus encountered a lone Trade Federation Battleship that served as a carrier for Confederacy forces in the system. A closer investigation by the two Jedi revealed the launch of several modified versions of the seismic tanks which headed down towards the planet. Just above the atmosphere, they began to unleash an unknown black substance which formed a dark cloud onto the worlds surface.

A seismic tank's seismic driver is fired during the Battle of Dantooine.

Because of the vehicle's massive size and slow movement, it would have made an easy target for enemy artillery and gunships. As a result, it is unlikely that the seismic tank served as an effective weapon or saw any substantial action during the Clone Wars. When the Separatist Council was assassinated by Darth Vader, any remaining units were most likely deactivated.



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