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Final Fantasy VIII Boss
Seifer in the first and second battlesSeifer in the fourth battle
Seifer in the third battle
Japanese サイファー
Romaji Saifā
"Are you ready for another scar?"
—Seifer to Squall

Seifer is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII, fought against four times in the game. In the first battle, Squall faces Seifer one-on-one. Then Edea joins him, and Squall is joined by Rinoa and Irvine. In the second battle, Seifer is faced alone. In the third battle, Edea joins Seifer. At the fourth battle, Seifer is faced alone.




First Encounter

Seifer is fought alone with Squall in this climatic battle at Edea's Parade. It is generally an easy battle, however it can be slightly hard if Squall does not have Fire resistance junctioned. Seifer's strongest means of attack is the Fira spell, which will not affect Squall if he is protected against Fire-based attacks. Fortunately, Seifer rarely conjures Fira spell. Instead, he will usually attack weakly with the Hyperion, which will occasionally trigger, dealing slightly more damage. GFs are superficial in this battle; just continue to attack Seifer with physical attacks and he will quickly go down.

Second Encounter

Seifer is again fought alone, in the Master room in Galbadia Garden, however the entire party faces Seifer in this battle. Drawing and casting Haste is not necessary to defeat Seifer, but it will make the battle go much fafster. He will not use his old Fira spell, instead preferring to attack you with Gunblade attacks. His attacks are still moderately weak, and the Hyperion still only trigger rarely. When his health is sufficiently low, he will say "Ready to die Squall?", and will attack Squall with Demon Slice, which deals roughly 1500 damage. After attack Squall, he will start to use Demon Slice on the party regularly, as well as continuing to use his physical attack. Still, Seifer is not much harder than last time, and summoning GFs will kill Seifer very quickly.

Third Encounter

Seifer is now joined by Edea, however she will not attack, choosing merely to watch the fight. Seifer, still recovering from the last battle, HP has lessened. However, his attacks are now more powerful, and he once again uses Fira. The easiest way to defeat Seifer is to draw and cast Haste on the party, and simply attacking him. Keeping an eye on his HP may be wise, as renewing Haste on the party will help dramatically with the next battle. When Seifer falls once again, Edea will intervene, triggering another boss battle.

Final Encounter

Seifer has changed, in both attitude and appearance. His coat is ragged and he now sees himself as a revolutionary. The battle takes place in the Lunatic Pandora, again with any party member. Seifer attacks with his physical attacks and at low HP, new attack, Bloodfest, which deals high damage to the entire party. However, neither of these attacks are particularly fatal, and can be easily healed through healing spells. Before attempting to kill Seifer, Mug a rare Hero from him. Then, draw Aura spells from him, which allow characters to use limits at any time. This will cause Seifer to become very easy, as the party will be constantly using limits. Renzokuken, Blue Magic, Shot, and Angel Wing are very effective here. Also, at the very beginning of the battle, if the party has obtained the GF Odin, he will arrive to kill Seifer. Seifer unleashes Zantetsuken Reverse, which slices Odin in half, killing him. Gilgamesh quickly arrives and claims Odin's sword for himself, but leaves as soon as he came. Now, if the battle is not won within 13 turns, Gilgamesh arrives and defeats Seifer for you. Additionally, if the player deals enough damage before the turn limit, then Gilgamesh will also appear. If Odin has not been obtained, then Gilgamesh does not appear and is never obtainable.

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