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The Seers' Village Diary is one of the Achievement Diaries based on certain tasks in or around Seers' Village and was released on 20 January 2009. To start the diary, talk to any Seer in Seers' Village, Stankers by the coal trucks or Sir Kay in Camelot.

Rewards were significantly updated on 10 February 2009. The rewards were improved in response to complaints from players.Quest levels are not listed in side bar.

Total level: 754


Skill boosts

If a skill level is not high enough to complete a certain task, temporary boosts may be available to raise it to allow completion. See skills for more information. Spicy stew are giving -6 to +6 skill boost based on luck. (A skill boost +6 is chance of 1/60) If using spicy stew it is highly recommended to train for the extra level because a +5 boost is more common (1/20).

Some skills may not be listed in the side bar that are required for completion of this diary!(check all quest requirements)

Easy tasks

Items needed: 5 Empty pots, 5 cider, 3 coins, big fishing net, bucket of milk(or a bucket as you can milk the cows in Sinclair Mansion), 3 jute seeds, a seed dibber, a Rake, a few Camelot teleports (recommended).

Task Quest start / required Skill level Other requirements and details
Pick 5 flax. None None The Flax Field is located south of Seers' Village.
Walk clockwise around the Mysterious statue once. None None The statue is located east of the bank. Players must walk (not run) around using at least four clicks. You must start at the south end of the statue and you cannot stop until you have made a cycle.
Have Sir Galahad make you a cup of tea. None None Sir Galahad may be found in his house west of McGrubor's Wood.
Take the poison chalice to King Arthur. None 20 Agility helps Poison chalice may be obtained from Stankers at the mine near the Coal Trucks.
Spin 5 bow strings. None 10 Use the house north-east of the Seers' Village altar.
Fill five pots with flour from Sinclair Mansion. Murder Mystery None In the kitchen in Sinclair Mansion find the barrel full of flour; fill a single pot five times, emptying after each refill to reuse the pot.
Give five locals a glass of cider in the Foresters' Arms. None None Cider may be bought in the underground bar in Miscellania after the Royal Trouble quest, or from the Grand Exchange. It may also be brewed at the breweries in Keldagrim and Port Phasmatys.
Plant jute seeds. None 13 The patch north of McGrubor's Wood may be used. At least 3 seeds are required to plant.
Use the churn in Sinclair Mansion garden. None 21 A bucket of milk can be obtained by using a bucket on the dairy cow in the garden.
Buy a candle from the candle maker. None None 3 coins required; Candle shop is in Catherby. A black candle is not counted.
Pray at Seers' Village altar. None None The altar in fenced area with Yew trees may be used. Alternatively, there is another in Camelot.
Catch a mackerel. None 16 A big fishing net is required to catch a mackerel. The net may be bought in Catherby, and the mackerel must be caught in the Catherby fishing spots.


  • When buying a candle, make sure it is a WHITE candle, as black candles will not complete the task.
  • To save time, 5 flax can be picked first and spun later, or done at the same time.
  • Buy cider from the bar under Miscellania (Fairy code: C-I-P) for 2 coins each (after the Royal Trouble quest.)
  • The cider may be used on the same person 5 times, without having to run around.
  • When walking around the statue make sure that your run is off, to make the task easier. It is more difficult to run around the statue without pausing if you are running.
  • Also when walking around the statue, start at one corner then click on the corner diagonal to it; continue this process to make it a lot easier.
Seers' headband equipped.


  • Seers' headband 1. When worn, it allows you to:
    • Use in place of Light source.
    • Talk to Geoffrey in the flax field to claim 30 free flax per day.
    • Be given an extra log when cutting normal trees anywhere ( However you only get experience for 1).
  • An antique lamp - 1,000 experience in any chosen skill, above level 30.
  • Coal trucks will now hold 140 coal.

Medium tasks

Items needed: Pickaxe, big fishing net, longbow, Bronze arrows, Pyrelord pouch (or Forge regent pouch), Battered key, fishbowl, seaweed (from Arhein for 2 coins), 10 coins (for Tiny net), a few Camelot teleports (recommended)

Task Quest start / required Skill level(s) Other requirements and details
Use the Sinclair Mansion to Fremennik agility shortcut. None 48 Skill boosts such as summer pies WILL work
Talk to Thormac the Sorcerer about making mystic staves. Scorpion Catcher None None
Transport a full load of coal to Seers' Village. None 30 Alternatively the coal can be taken from your bank into the nearest coal truck you can deposit into, this negates the need for 30 mining. A full load is 120 coal, even when wearing the Seers' Headband 1. The fastest method is to carry the coal to the coal trucks in the small building close to Seer Village's bank.
Find the highest point in Seers' Village. One Small Favour None The highest point is at the top of the house with the Spinning wheel. Finishing One Small Favour is not required, but you must do about 3/4 of it.
Defeat each type of elemental in the Elemental Workshop. Elemental Workshop I None Defeating the Earth Elemental from mining will also count.
Teleport to Camelot. None 45 The Camelot teleport tablets do not work for this task neither will a poh portal.
Kill one tower archer on each tower of the Ranging Guild using a longbow. None 40 All 4 archers must be defeated in one go (i.e. must kill each archer before going down ladder). Bring a half dozen good foods to heal like Lobster or better or a Prayer Potion to restore your prayer if using Protection from Range Attacks.

While the final blow to each archer must be done with a regular longbow (Willow, Yew, etc. do not work), which means at most iron arrows, you can "soften them up" with any bow+arrow combination you wish. Poison arrows are allowed.

Have the Ranging Guild competition judge congratulate you for acquiring over 1,000 Archery tickets. None 40 Bring some coins for the entrance fee (200 coins per game). Players with a high Ranged level with good bonuses, may likely play about 15 games before obtaining 1,000 tickets so bring 3,000 to 4,000 gp with you to pay for the multiple tries it will take. Lower-level players may have to play closer to 30 games, so bring 6,000 gp. (Tip: Try to buy 999 tickets from other players or the Grand Exchange, and then earn 1 ticket from the game.)
Buy something from the ticket exchange in the Ranging Guild. None 40 The Coif is the cheapest at 100 tickets.
Use a familiar to make a fire from maple logs within Seers' Village. Wolf Whistle 46 , 45 A pyrelord or a forge regent can be used.
Get a pet fish from Harry. None None Tiny net (bought from Harry, at a cost of 10 coins each) - You must first fill a fishbowl with water, use seaweed (from Arhein for 2 coins) with the water-filled fishbowl, and then talk to Harry or you won't receive the option to buy the tiny net.
Catch and cook a bass in Catherby. None 46 , 43 Use a big net to catch the bass, and the range next to the bank.


  • The "Killing one guard in each tower" task will only be completed if a regular wood longbow is used. You can use only bronze or iron arrows. Protection prayer may be used.
  • The "Killing one guard in each tower" task must also be completed without leaving the tower. If the player leaves at any time, the previous kills will not be counted.
  • Longbow and Bronze arrows are both on sale at Dargaud's Bows and Arrows inside the Ranging Guild.
  • It is possible to bring the coal from Seers' Village bank to the closest coal truck, if you already have 120 coal. This will save the time taken to mine the coal.
  • If mining the coal yourself, time can be saved by wearing Varrock armour 1 or higher
  • Archery tickets may be bought or traded with a friend.
Seers' headband 2 equipped.


  • Seers' headband 2. When worn, this allows:
    • Functions as a medium Light source.
    • Talk to Geoffrey in the flax field to claim 60 free flax per day.
    • Coal trucks will hold 168 coal.
    • Extra log given when cutting normal trees anywhere (you only get experience for 1).
    • Ability to get 10% more experience (110 experience instead of 100) from cutting maples while wearing Seers' headband 2.
    • "You will also find your fingers are more nimble on the spinning wheel in Seers' Village."
  • 5,000 experience lamp - in any chosen skill above level 40.

Hard tasks

Items needed: Combat bracelet, Hatchet, knife, Dramen staff (or Lunar staff), tinderbox, 2 Magic logs, bow string, harpoon, 5 unpowered orbs, Mith grapple, crossbow, Cooking gauntlets, 15 cosmic runes, 150 water runes, 1 nature rune, 5 fire runes.

Task Quest start / required Skill level(s) Other requirements and details
Teleport to the Ranging Guild None None Combat bracelet with at least one charge is required
Cut five sets of yew logs None 60 File:Woodcutting-icon.png The logs must be cut from the Yew trees found in the Seers' Village area, otherwise it will not count.
Fletch a magic shortbow in the Seers' Village Bank None 80 File:Fletching-icon.png

By using a spicy stew, this can be done at 74 fletching. Also at Level 77 with a Fletching potion.

Enter the Seers' Village courthouse with your Piety prayer turned on King's Ransom and Knight Waves Training Grounds 70 File:Prayer-icon.png
70 File:Defence-icon.png
The Seers' Village courthouse is located south of the bank. Entering the courthouse and then turning on piety will not work, players must first enable piety and then walk in.
Use the fairy ring in McGrubor's Wood Started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen None Fairy ring code A-L-S
Burn a magic log in Seers' Village None 75 File:Firemaking-icon.png You have to use a tinderbox; using a pyrelord or a bow doesn't work.
High Alch a magic shortbow in the Seers' Village bank None 55 File:Magic-icon.png It is easier to high alch the bow you made to check off another achievement rather than buy another.
Catch five sharks in Catherby None 76 File:Fishing-icon.png Alternatively: level 70 if you use spicy stew or level 71 if you use Admiral pie, or level 73 if you use Fish pie or Fishing potion
Cook 5 sharks in Catherby using the Cooking gauntlets Family Crest 80 File:Cooking-icon.png Either range can be used. Note: Burnt sharks do not count toward the five, and they do not have to be cooked all at once. Also you may use a chef's delight if you have a cooking level of 76 or higher, but you may not use the assist system for cooking the shark.
Charge five water orbs in one go None 56 File:Magic-icon.png The player must use the standard Magic spellbook and cast a Charge Water Orb on the water obelisk using 150 Water rune, 15 cosmic rune and 5 unpowered orbs. On the way there are level 64 poison spiders, their poison can halt your orb making, resulting in orbs being made but the Achievement not being completed. Therefore bring an anti-poison potion.
Use the grapple shortcut to get from the water obelisk island to Catherby shore None 22 File:Strength-icon.png
36 File:Agility-icon.png
39 File:Ranged-icon.png
This should be attempted after charging the 5 water orbs.


  • The fastest route from Catherby to Water Obelisk is to use the various agility shortcuts such as one-way grapple up the cliff to Taverley, and Blue dragon pipe shortcut.
  • For those with a high Firemaking level, DO NOT light the magic log using a Summoning familiar - the task will not be completed this way.
  • A knife respawns in the house south-west of the bank.
Seers' headband 3 equipped.


  • Seers' headband 3. When worn, this allows:
    • Functions as a bright Light source.
    • Talk to Geoffrey in the flax field to claim 120 free flax per day.
    • Coal trucks will hold 196 coal.
    • Extra log given when cutting normal trees anywhere (you only get experience for 1).
    • Ability to get 10% more experience (110 experience instead of 100) from cutting maples while wearing Seers' headband 3.
    • Significant increase in speed while using the Spinning wheel in Seers' Village.
    • Cheaper enchant for mystic staves from Thormac (27,000 coins instead of 40,000), at the Sorcerer's Tower.
    • Chance of producing more arrows than normal when Fletching.
    • Slight prayer boost at Seer's Village altar (+2).
    • Ability to receive Enhanced excalibur - Players may talk to the Lady of the Lake to upgrade Excalibur, which will have stats comparable to a Rune longsword and a new special attack that, in addition to a greater Defence boost, will heal 4 Hitpoints every two seconds up to five times, for a total of 20 HP.
  • Teleport to Camelot spell will teleport players to the centre of Seers' Village (this does not apply to the Camelot teleport tablet, though)
  • 10,000 experience lamp - in any chosen skill above level 50


  • When given the poison chalice , King Arthur replies: You chose ...poorly. This is an Indiana Jones reference to the Holy grail.
  • Geoffrey was released with the diary and can be located in the Flax field.
  • If players talk to Geoffrey and get flax with a lower level headband, then get a higher level headband on the same day, they cannot obtain any additional flax until the following day.
  • On the day of release, the spoilers were: Spoilers do not fit with the Seers' desire to predict the future more... esoterically. Please check back tomorrow.
  • If players had completed the Holy Grail quest before talking to Galahad, the player will automatically exclaim: I've returned the Holy grail to Camelot and Galahad will congratulate the player. The same exchange could happen before the diary, as a player-chosen interaction option.
  • On the day of release skill boosts such as a spicy stew could not be used to cook the sharks, as of 27 January 2009 they can.
  • While giving you the first headband, the seer mentions that Geoffrey prefers to be called "Flax".
  • The headbands do not need to be equipped to function as a light source
  • If you fish a big shark, it will count toward the task.

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