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See No Evil
Series: Doctor Who - Short Trips
Doctor: Sixth Doctor
Companions: Peri
Author: Steve Lyons
Published In: Short Trips: Transmissions
Previous Story: Larkspur
Following Story: iNtRUsioNs



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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

"See No Evil"
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Author(s): Jill Sherwin
Publication information
Printed: Constellations
Pages: 193-218



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TOS episode: "The Changeling"


published order
Previous story:
As Others See Us
Next story:
The Leader
chronological order
Previous Adventure:
The Changeling
Pocket Next Adventure:
The Apple

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Miracle Information

See No Evil
Deity Bristlebane
Category (Target) Buff (Self)
Favor Cost * 1312
Charges 2
Unlock Quest Must have completed the Quest "Prank'd"
 Casting Time  Instant
 Recast time  1 hr
 Duration  30.0 seconds

What does this information mean?
* Favor Cost is the base cost at a Humble Altar


  • Increases Melee Crit Chance of caster by 30%
  • Increases Ranged Crit Chance of caster by 30%
  • Applies Blind Eye.
    • Draws considerable attention away from the caster for a short duration
      • Decreases Threat to targets in Area of Effect by 1.1%
  • Applies a Makeshift Costume. Lasts for 6.0 seconds
    • Shapechanges caster

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

See No Evil
English: See No Evil
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Normal Image:Normal.png
Card Lore: Activate only if you Normal Summoned this turn. Special Summon 1 "Lab Monkey" from your hand.
Sets with this Card:  ???
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
Lab Monkey

The Lab Monkeys

Lab Monkey

Custom Monkey - George - Custom Monkey - Steve - Custom Monkey - Emily - Custom Monkey - Flora - Custom Monkey - Demitri - Custom Monkey - Marco

Custom Monkey - Kong

Rising Earth Monkey - Torrential Water Monkey - Scorching Fire Monkey - Gliding Wind Monkey - Radiant Light Monkey - Phantom Dark Monkey

L.2.B. Monkey

L.3.B. Monkey

Lab Cyborg Doma

The Majestic Scientists

Yrrah the Majestic Scientist

Kcaj the Majestic Scientist - Aim the Majestic Scientist

Nagem the Majestic Scientist - Ecila the Majestic Scientist

Luapnhoj the Majestic Scientist

Supernatural Scientist

Pythaguros, Number Master

Niwrad, Master of Evolution

Related Monsters

Hyde, Vicious Transformation of Yrrah

Centuar, Vicious Transformation of Kcaj

Gorgon, Vicious Transformation of Aim

Megaroc, Vicious Transformation of Ecila

Dragonir, Vicious Transformation of Nagem

Cerberus, Vicious Transformation of Luapnhoj

Jewel, Yrrah's Assistant

Cybernetic Mind Dragon

Scientific Reincarnater - Science-Stien

Scientific Warlord - Cyber Ape - Bananamonkey - Fusion Sorceror - Lab Revolver - Monkey Finder - Lab Finch - Chaos Energy - Lab Guarddog - Lab Plant - Lab Chameleon - Lab Lacooda - Lab Penguin - Fusion Sniper - Jet Dragon - Lab Rat - Smart Soldier - Toad Experiment - Cat Scan - Lab Rador - Primate Archfiend - Data Mind - Math Master - Cybernetic Mind Dragon/Assault Mode

Bio-Ape King Priman - Planetary Mind Master

Supercomputer Mind

Smart Bramble

Monkey Sheep Token - Attribute Worm Token - Banana Token

Spell and Trap cards

Monkeyworld - Natural Ancestral Grounds of the Lab Monkeys

Bucket Chemistry Lab - Perfect Evolution Theory - Evolution Inducing Potion Octo - Unknown Evolution Penta - Attribute Fusion - Yrrah's Study - Triple Monkey Bomb - Monkey Combo - Trinity Draw - Monkey Garden - Primate Call - Fusion Wave Shotblaster - Electric Gemini - Mage Dust Cyclone - Psychic Eye - Ruby Smash - Science Draw - Reverse Magic - Environmental Testing - Tectonic Rupture - Rebirth Gem Fragement - Experiment - MS1 - Monkey Brain Examination - Monster Cloning - Monkey's Tears - Monkey Sleep - Evolution Pod - Monkey Fusion Fire - Monkey Storm - Fusion Force Fist - Monkey Mask - Monkey Art - Monkey Water Tank - Monkey Turbine Jet - Science-Magic Spear - Monkey Fusion Device - Super Monkey Trio - Polymerization Attack!!! - Monkey Teatime Gathering - Trishield - Overloaded Generators - Fusion Burial - Attribute Worms - Mutation Magic - Return Fusion - Fusion Portal - DNA Injection - Spell Summon - See No Evil - Hear No Evil - Say No Evil - Evil Vanquishing Flash


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See Project Lab Monkey

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