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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Yes (Rune Mysteries)
Location Wizard's Tower
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? None
Quest requirement? None
Gender Male
Examine Chief of research at Wizards Tower.
Notable features Teleports you to the rune essence mine.
Wizard Sedridor
is the head wizard and chief of research in the Wizard's Tower, having struggled to rediscover the lost knowledge of runestones after the destruction of the Tower by Zamorakian mages decades past, having at last recently succeeded largely due to the efforts of a human adventurer who brought him an Air talisman from Lumbridge's Duke Horacio. He is located in the tower's basement. You are required to talk to him twice during the Rune Mysteries quest. After said quest, you can use him to teleport to the rune essence, so you can mine rune or pure essence. He is seldom visited for this, because he is so far away from a bank. Sedridor has conducted extensive research on runes and the secrets of crafting runestones, eventually combining his research with that of Aubury's rune knowledge to unlock the secrets of the Air talisman, thus considerably increasing the Wizards' supply of runes and leading to the opening of a Guild.

Sedridor bears an ordinary wooden Staff, which he presumably uses to cast spells through, but claims he has "great powers" that he uses to teleport back the research packet "without too much effort" if the player should lose it. Sedridor also frequently displays his abilities of Tele-othering across vast distances to the hidden Rune Essence Mine, using the same spell Aubury uses (Senventior Disthine Molenko!), all the way to the ice fields of the north, closed off from access by anything other than magical means. He also possesses reasonable "mental powers" which enable him to know someone's name in seconds, as he demonstrates should you not trust him to be the Head Wizard of the Tower initially during Rune Mysteries.

He has a map in his room which can show you the location of the runecrafting altars if you use a talisman on it.

Sedridor has a brother, another wizard who lives to the room next to his, by the name of Isidor, who, despite interest in portals, is often forgetful, and can teleport players to the Land of Snow.


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