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"You've been working in the same sectors too long, Jack...makes for comfortable pirating but narrows your view of the universe."
―Han Solo

A galactic sector was an area of space framed by an artificial boundary for political, economic and military organization.



Map of the galaxy, including planets and sectors.

Groupings of inhabited systems organized themselves into informal sectors from before the Infinite Empire. The Galactic Republic was the first body to attempt a large scale application of standardized sectors. A sector was defined by the Republic as having a maximum of 50 inhabited star systems to keep sectors at a manageable level.

The rapid exploration, expansion and colonization beginning around 5,000 BBY caused many sectors to grow larger than the intended size. For instance, in 19 ABY, the Remnant controlled only eight sectors, which were said to contain "over a thousand inhabited systems"[1], which would indicate an average size of 125 inhabited systems per sector. At some point in the history of the galaxy, there were millions of sectors, as populations grew rapidly. The Russan Reformations of 1,000 BBY reorganized the galaxy into 1,024 regional sectors, which were divided into even smaller constituent subsectors.[2]

The Russan Reformations were problematic however, as they created a moratorium on the creation of new sectors, meanwhile beings would continue to inhabit worlds beyond the borders of the established Republic. This led to annexation and overinflation of existing sectors. For example, the lightly populated Chommell sector encompassed 36 full-member worlds, more than 40,000 settled dependencies and 300,000,000 barren stars in the final years of the Republic.[3] Chancellor Palpatine reversed the moratorium on new regional sectors and created new sectors by dividing up larger ones. Any freestanding subsectors were grouped up into a single sector.[2]

When the Galactic Empire took control of the Republic's sectors, Moffs replaced senators as sectorial governors. Sectors were also commonly expanded and collapsed together to consolidate power in the officers delegated by Palpatine to rule. Any unincorporated territories wishing for inclusion to the Empire became new freestanding subsectors, and were added to new or existing regional sectors as events warranted.[2]

Many sectors owed their name to their primary system which in turn was named after its primary planet. For example the planet Alderaan belonged to the Alderaan system and thus, to the Alderaan sector.

Planetary sectors

The word "sector" was also used to denote subdivisions of planets, especially for ecumenopolis such as Coruscant or Nar Shaddaa, but even on less populated worlds such as Tatooine.



Ambassadorial, Blue, Dead (aka Dacho District), Invisible Sector (aka Invisec), Numesh, Vishtu, Zi-Kree Crimson Corridor

Kidriff 5


Nar Shaddaa

Corellian (Nar Shaddaa spaceport) Duros (Nar Shaddaa spaceport)


  • Star Wars 3: Death Star (Galactic sector first mentioned)
  • Star Wars 11: Star Search
  • Star Wars 31: Return to Tatooine (Planetary sector first mentioned)


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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

This page provides a source for all named sectors in the library, and provides alternate names for sectors from other governments. Names for 199 sectors are descibed in the Canon.

Co-ordinates are given in Imperial x,y grid coordinates where core is 0,0. Corewards is +y, rimwards -y. Trailing is +x, and spinward is -x. (Basically the standard map with core at the top the grid is the standard x to the right and y to the top).

Names used in the library are the Imperial names for the sectors.

As the list is so long it has been broken up into 4 lists of about 55 sectors each, either alphabetically or by distance corward/rimward:

Sectors Alphabetical A-E
Sectors Alphabetical F-K
Sectors Alphabetical L-S
Sectors Alphabetical T-Z
Sectors Coordinate +3 to +9
Sectors Coordinate 0 to +2
Sectors Coordinate -3 to -1
Sectors Coordinate -6 to -4
Sector Matrix
Y\X -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
+5 ST Bl Zh Sa Da Ia Zh Rz Li VF Df Ir Fi Zo Sp Na Ha Ex
+4 Vi Bl Dr DJ CB Gh Ks ZKG Kn Kh OV KG An Rf Ta Kt Ko Xe
+3 Br
Sidiadl Sector Zdiedeiant Sector Stiatlchepr Sector Itvikiastaf Sector Knoellighz Sector Dhuerorrg Sector Ngathksirz Sector Fa Dzaets Sector Gzaekfueg Sector Gashikan Sector Trenchans Sector Ligim Sector Gaasher Sector Grikr!ng Sector Ukoarriit!!b Sector Kring Noor Sector Eiaplial Sector Zhodane Sector Tienspevnekr Sector Ziafrplians Sector Gvurrdon Sector Tuglikki Sector Provence Sector Windhorn Sector Meshan Sector Mendan Sector Amdukan Sector Arzul Sector Bariishra Sector Gur Sector Un'k!!k'ng Sector Xaagr Sector Tsadra Sector Yiklerzdanzh Sector Far Frontier Sector Foreven Sector Spinward Marches Sector Deneb Sector Corridor Sector Vland Sector Lishun Sector Antares Sector Empty Quarter Sector Stars End Sector Gh!hken Sector Ruupiin Sector Raakaan Sector Uuk Sector Astron Sector Fulani Sector Vanguard Reaches Sector The Beyond Sector Trojan Reaches Sector Reft Sector Gushemege Sector Dagudashaag Sector Core Sector Fornast Sector Ley Sector Gateway Sector Luretiir!girr Sector X'kug Sector Kilong Sector Bar'kakr Sector Theta Borealis Sector Theron Sector Iphigenaia Sector Touchstone Sector Riftspan Reaches Sector Verge Sector Ilelish Sector Zarushagaar Sector Massilia Sector Delphi Sector Glimmerdrift Reaches Sector Crucis Margin Sector Galiin Sector Gzirr!k'l Sector K'trekreer Sector Nuughe Sector Khaeaw Sector Faoheiroi'iyhao Sector Ftaoiyekyu Sector Afawahisa Sector Hlakhoi Sector Ealiyasiyw Sector Reaver's Deep Sector Daibei Sector Diaspora Sector Old Expanses Sector Hinterworlds Sector Leonidae Sector Extolian Sector Ricenden Sector Blaskon Sector Nooq Sector Hkakhaeaw Sector Esai'yo Sector Waroatahe Sector Karleaya Sector Staihaia'yo Sector Iwahfuah Sector Dark Nebula Sector Magyar Sector Solomani Rim Sector Alpha Crucis Sector Spica Sector Phlask Sector Centrax Sector Wrenton Sector Folgore Sector Avereguar Sector Yahehwe Sector Kefiykhta Sector Heakhafaw Sector Etakhasoa Sector Aktifao Sector Uistilrao Sector Ustral Quadrant Sector Canopus Sector Aldebaran Sector Neworld Sector Langere Sector Drakken Sector Lorspane Sector Porlock Sector Kidunal Sector Treece Sector Sector Map
+2 Pl Ee
+1 TD GI
0 CZ Mi
-1 Ma N!
-2 Ha Gz
-3 Tl Ko
-4 Kh Ge
-5 Af Oh Fa Hf Ir Te SS Ba Ha Ma Ha St Mi Da At Ka Uy Sp
-6 Ta A' Us Oi Ea Ft El Ah Ho Am RR Ph Tr Wr Mu La Te Ap

Sector maps are available on the pages for the Major Race governments: Aslan Hierate, Hive Federation, Solomani Confederation, Imperium, Two Thousand Worlds, Vargr Extents, Zhodani Consulate

See also Sector Map, Sector List

External Links

Traveller Map Website

Traveller Sector Information lists all published canon sectors (Compiled by Donald McKinney, updated 01/23/2008)

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