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Sector 008, also known as the Ophiucus sector, is a Beta Quadrant sector of space that is located in the heart of the United Federation of Planets, according to Federation measurement standards and terminology in stellar cartography.

As the sector's common name indicates, this sector contains the stars of system 63 Ophiuchi and its planet, Ophiucus colony. The sector was bordered towards the galaxy's lower reaches by the Alpha Centauri sector. Towards the galaxy's rimward regions, sector 008 is bordered by sector 006. Moving counter-clockwise around the galactic center, this sector is bordered by the Sol sector. (ST reference: Star Charts)

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Final Fantasy

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Zack Fair in Sector 8.

Sector 8 is one of the 8 Sectors that divide up the city of Midgar in Final Fantasy VII. Sector 8 is the main entertainment area in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. LOVELESS Avenue is its main area of business and art. There the Genesis Fanclub meets and performances of the ancient epic LOVELESS take place. The only Sector that can be explored above the Plate, Sector 8 gives the only glimpse of life in Midgar that those who escape the poverty of the Slums can enjoy. As a traditional training mission, all rookie Turks are sent to patrol Sector 8.



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Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Sector 8 in Before Crisis.

In the first Episode of Before Crisis, the player's Turk is sent on the traditional patrol Turk mission through Sector 8. It just so happens that the forces of the first AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group, is attacking Sector 8 to bring Shinra down. Their plan is to the destroy the Sector 8 Reactor and take the entire sector with it. Tseng, who is monitoring the mission, orders the Turk to find out more about this AVALANCHE. The Turk fights his or her way through the enemy ranks and into the Reactor to stop them. Once the fighting gets intense, Reno, a fellow Turk, helps out as support. Inside the Reactor, Reno and the Turk split up. While the Turk diffuses the bomb, Reno charges in to fight the enemy leader, a man named Shears who knows about the Turks and their skills. Shears is very powerful, and beats Reno. The Turk goes in to fight Shears next, but is also beaten. Despite the defeat, AVALANCHE moves to Junon, to attack President Shinra.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Sector 8 is the Sector just outside of Shinra Headquarters in Crisis Core. It leads to the Sector 1 Station, where travelers can go down into the Slums of Sector 5. It has two notable areas, the LOVELESS Avenue and the Fountain Place. Zack Fair can join the Genesis Fanclub here on his first visit.


The Genesis Army attacks Midgar later on in the game, and Zack must fight them through Sector 8. Along the way he runs into Reno and Cissnei of the Turks. Though Reno acts rude and territorial, Cissnei is thankful to Zack for saving her life.

Later on, Zack goes through Sector 8 on a hunt for parts for a flower wagon for his girlfriend, Aerith Gainsborough. He gets wheels from a man's car on LOVELESS Avenue in exchange for a piece of the profits from the flower venture. When Zack is sent to his mission in Nibelheim, he never can return to Midgar or Sector 8.

Final Fantasy VII

Sector 8 in Final Fantasy VII.

Four years later, Aeris can be seen selling flowers in Sector 8 in the opening FMV of Final Fantasy VII.

Cloud Strife, a friend of Zack's who is working for a second AVALANCHE (not related to the organization that appears in Before Crisis), runs through Sector 8 while fleeing from the forces of Shinra after blowing up the Sector 1 Reactor. Along the way, Cloud meets Aeris, who offers him some flowers. However, Shinra guards soon chase after him, and Cloud cuts the meeting short. Just as the Shinra forces surround him, Cloud jumps off the side of a bridge onto an oncoming train. He joins the rest of AVALANCHE on their way to their secret base in the Sector 7 Slums.

After the defeat of Diamond WEAPON, Cloud and company parachute into Midgar, landing in Sector 8. Upon arriving at the same street Cloud escaped from the Shinra guards earlier, Cloud is forced into battle with the Proud Clod which is being controlled by the Shinra executives, Scarlet and Heidegger. Once the battle is over, the machine is destroyed and the two Executives seem to have died. The party travels up the Sister Ray support beam that was recently placed in the middle of the train tracks.

Sector 8 is completely destroyed along with most of Midgar when Meteor falls onto the city. No remnant of it survived the calamity.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

In the beginning flash-back sequence of the game, Vincent Valentine can be seen in Midgar during Meteorfall. He proceeds to travel up a flight of stairs to face Hojo on the Sister Ray. It can be assumed that this is the same path Cloud utilized in Sector 8.

Monster Formations

Sector 8 Underground (Upper)

Sector 8 Underground (Lower)

Train Tunnel Junctions


"Heart of Anxiety" from Final Fantasy VII''
Image:FFVII - Anxious Heart.ogg
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In Final Fantasy VII, the background music that plays in Sector 8 after the Sector 1 Reactor explosion is "Heart of Anxiety" (不安な心 Fuan na Kokoro), also known as "Anxious Heart", while the background music that plays during AVALANCHE's infiltration on Midgar after the defeat of Diamond WEAPON changes to "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" (オープニング~爆破ミッション Ōpuningu ~ Bakuha Misshon), which also plays in the underground area.

In Crisis Core, the background music that plays in Sector 8 is called "The Mako City".


In Final Fantasy VII, a poster (visible towards the right side of the picture above) mentions Mt. Kolts, a location from Final Fantasy VI.

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