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Sector 5 Church, as seen in Final Fantasy VII
"They say you can't grow grass and flowers in Midgar. But for some reason, the flowers have no trouble blooming here. I love it here."

Sector 5 Church is a church present in Final Fantasy VII, presumably deserted. Its location is in Sector 5 of Midgar's slums. Aerith Gainsborough has succeeded in growing flowers in the church, a remarkable feat considering the Mako Reactors in the slums leaves the soil barren. However, flowers grow near Aeris' house, so the church is not the only place in the Midgar slums which is fertile. It is unknown which religion the church is part of, though the architecture appears to be based on Christian churches.




Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Zack asks Aerith to go out on a date in the church.

Zack Fair, SOLDIER, First Class, fell from an unfinished section of the Sector 4 plate into the church. He awakens and meets Aerith for the first time, and tells her he must repay her with one date for saving him. Zack continues to frequent the church in order to spend time with Aerith, up until he is sent on the mission to Nibelheim.

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud, a member of AVALANCHE, fell from the Number 5 Reactor, where he and his group fought against an Air Buster, down into the church below. He was found by Aeris, who remarked on Cloud's similarities with Zack Fair. Later, when Reno, a member of the Turks leading a group of Shinra Soldiers, attempts to kidnap Aeris, she requested Cloud to be her bodyguard. As they escape, Aeris joins the party as a playable character. During the fight with the turks, Cloud can push several barrels on top of the church, knocking down the enemies from above in order to reduce the number of enemy encounters Aeris must face. Eventually, both exit through an opening in the roof, and onto the roofs of the slums of Midgar.

Upon the player's return to Midgar following finding the Sector 5 Key at the Bone Village, the Church is an area that can be explored again. Interestingly, a "ghost" of Aeris can be seen with several children, but disappears when the player comes near. Though often thought of as a deliberate easter egg, the ability to see this 'ghost' on the first disc has suggested that this appearance may actually be an unintentional glitch, and not an easter egg.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Aerith's church in Advent Children

The church served a pivotal role in curing the Geostigma disease. Even after the death of Aerith, the flowers continued blooming thanks to the Lifestream flowing beneath it. Cloud lived in the church for a short period during his exile and search for forgiveness, and stored Materia in a chest in the church for some time before this. Tifa was engaged in a fight against Loz in the church when she and Marlene went there to locate Cloud, and later Aerith's Limit Break, Great Gospel, was activated in the church during Cloud's battle with Kadaj, curing Cloud's Geostigma.

In the epilogue, Cloud demonstrates the healing powers of the water pooled in the church by curing Denzel of his Geostigma in a baptismal-like ceremony, after which several other children jump into the pool as well. He then looks up and sees Aerith crouching by some other children, similar to the aforementioned ghost. As she stands and walks to the doorway, she turns back to make sure Cloud will be alright now, and then steps into a white light with Zack. Cloud nods and responds that he'll be fine, as he's not alone anymore.


"Flowers Blooming in the Church"
Image:FFVII - Flowers Blooming in the Church.ogg
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The music that plays in Final Fantasy VII is titled "Flowers Blooming in the Church" (教会に咲く花 Kyōkai ni Saku Hana), and is an arrangement of Aerith's Theme.

Crisis Core has an entirely new arrangement, titled "The Burdened".

During the ending of Advent Children, which takes place in the church, the song "Cloud Smiles" plays.


Monster Formations

Church Rafters

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