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Sector 005, also known as the Vulcan sector, is a Beta Quadrant sector of space that is located in the heart of the United Federation of Planets, according to Federation measurement standards and terminology in stellar cartography.

As the sector's common name indicates, this sector contains the planet Vulcan and its Vulcan system. The sector was bordered towards the galaxy's upper reaches by sector 006. Towards the galaxy's core regions, sector 005 is bordered by the Alpha Centauri sector. Moving clockwise around the galactic center, this sector is bordered by the Terra Nova sector. (ST reference: Star Charts)

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Final Fantasy

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Sector 5

Sector 5 is a location in Final Fantasy VII. It is found in Midgar, and thus is under the control of the Shinra Company.



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The stairway of Sector 5's church

Sector 5 is the adopted hometown of Aerith Gainsborough, and it was where she spent most of her life under the care of her adoptive mother, Elmyra Gainsborough. During this time, she somehow managed to avoid capture from the Turks, working to capture Aerith for her Ancient abilities. Aerith spent most of her time at the Sector 5 Church. Her ability to grow flowers in the inhospitable climate of the Midgar Slums became an inspiration for all of its citizens. It also was a place where fate often dealt Aerith strange hands. Both of her loves, Zack Fair and Cloud Strife, would fall through the church roof and into her life.


Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

In Episode 11 of Before Crisis, the player's Turk actually protects Aerith from kidnapping from the evil terrorist group called AVALANCHE in what they called "Operation Laura". The AVALANCHE commanders, Shears and Fuhito are caught by surprise by the Turk's appearance, since none of their intelligence stated that a Turk had been dispatched. The player Turk actually stumbled upon the AVALANCHE attack completely by accident. Shears defeats the Turk, and captures the player and Aerith. Aerith is brought to the AVALANCHE leader, Elfé, and is told to reveal the location of the Promised Land, so that it cannot land in Shinra hands. The Turk breaks in and fights the AVALANCHE leaders, but seems beaten. He or she is saved when Elfé collapses, forcing AVALANCHE to retreat.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Zack Fair fell through the Upper Plate, after being defeated by Angeal Hewley up in the Sector 5 Reactor. He fell the 150 meter drop down into the slums, but the flowers of the Church saved his life. He thanked Aerith by giving the compensation of one date. While Zack and Aerith are out, his wallet is stolen by a small boy in the marketplace. After wandering around asking less than helpful citizens for help, Zack finally got it back. The boy's wallet had been eaten by a group of monsters in the park, so Zack defeated them. Aerith and Zack then went to the playground where they discussed the unnatural abilities of SOLDIER. Their date was cut short when Zack received a call from his superior, Sephiroth, telling him to return to Headquarters immediately.

Final Fantasy VII

Aeris's House

Five years later, after Zack had disappeared from Aerith's life, Cloud would fall into the church in similar circumstances. Aerith offers Cloud to be her bodyguard in exchange for a date, like Zack's offer so many years ago. He helped Aerith escape from the Turk Reno and back to her adopted mother's house. There he heard the tale of how Elmyra's husband died in the war with Wutai and how she was given the young Aerith from the child's dying mother, Ifalna. Cloud spends the night at the house, but leaves at Elmyra's urging. He tries to sneak away, but Aerith follows.

Later on, after the destruction of Sector 7, Cloud, along with Barret Wallace and Tifa Lockhart use Aerith's house as a temporary base to plan their next move. Barret's daughter Marlene is kept there for a time, until she is later moved to Kalm. Sector 5 can be revisited later in the game after finding the Sector 5 Key in Bone Village to return to Midgar.

The town was largely destroyed along with the rest of Midgar by the fall of Meteor.

Items Found


Item Shop

Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Tent 500 gil

Weapon Shop

Name Cost
Titan Bangle 280 gil
Grenade 80 gil

Materia Shop

Name Cost
Fire 600 gil
Ice 600 gil
Lightning 600 gil
Restore 750 gil

Monster Formations

Sector 5 Slums

Musical Themes

"Flowers Blooming in the Church"
Image:FFVII - Flowers Blooming in the Church.ogg
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"Flowers Blooming in the Church" (教会に咲く花 Kyōkai ni Saku Hana) plays in Aeris's church, Aeris's house and the areas nearby to the two areas. Additionally, "The Oppressed" (虐げられた民衆 Shiitagerareta Minshū) plays inside the Sector 5 city.


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Sector 5 was an Imperial Oversector in the Deep Core. It contained Prakith within the Prakith system and was governed by Grand Moff Gann.



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