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Section 214C is the tenth and final episode of the second season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



Captain Jonathan Masters learns some new information about the attempt on his life on Deep Space 9 two years ago. He leaves the USS Swiftfire-A to find out more information and is shown an insight into the mysterious Section 214C.

Memorable quotes

"Can I be in command then? I have this dashing pirate outfit from a holodeck program. It even comes with a parrot that repeats what I say. Shiver me timbers, Polly! Jem’Hadar off the port mast! Hoist the yardarm! Walk the plank!"
Celcho offers to take command of the vessel in style.
"The Klingon’s idea of courtship is my idea of grievous bodily harm!"
— Ensign Frank Cole.
"Don’t try anything."
"I didn’t do anything before and I still got a whack on the back of my head."
"Well, let that be a warning then."
--Lt. Commander Sela lets Masters know who is in control.
"I can’t put it off. Dalton. Claire. It pains me to notify you that your son has been killed."
Fleet Admiral Rekris notifies Captain Masters' parents of his death.

Background information


260th Fighter Wing; 83rd Marine Company; Albyn Starbase; Albyn system; Bailey, Autumn; Brumby; Caprian; Caprius system; Daley, Rachel; Delan, Jayce; Domique, Ivan; Douglas, Jennifer; Enigma implant; USS Hawk; inverse graviton burst; Jasis; Masters, Claire; Masters, Dalton; Mobile response force; Naos system; Operation Ultra; Reak'va, Titus; Section 214C; Section 214C Enforcer; Sela, Kristin; skiing; Special Operations Command; Starbase 212; Starfleet Research and Development; Starfleet Starfighter Command; USS Swiftfire; Task Force 59; th'Shoonas, Vsar

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