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The Secret Room On The Covenant can be found in Halo 3's Campaign level The Covenant. It is hidden underneath the controls for Tower 3. The tower's elevator shaft is also part of the room.

On the level The Covenant, in the tower where Sergeant Johnson was supposed to deactivate the tower, there is a Secret Room right underneath the tower controls. To get into the room, you will need to get out of the level with a Hornet and fly into the tower from the back. This room is believed to be what controls the elevator that the Master Chief uses to get up to the tower control room. The real purposes of this room is still unknown.

How To

  1. To get into the tower, you will need to use the Time Travel Glitch to get out of The Covenant with a Hornet. There are two ways to acquire a Hornet. The first way is to drive up a mountain and grab the Hornet before it flies away. The second way is to continue ahead and take the Hornets that normally spawn.
  2. Once you have the Hornet, you will need to have one of your companions kill themselves if you did method one; then, fly to the lower part of the back of Tower 3. You will have to fly in at full speed and tilt the Hornet a bit, such that your ally(s) will respawn inside of the tower.


  • This room may be the the elevator's control and power room.
  • Unlike the Secret Room On The Ark, this room was never used for any cutscene.
  • This room may also be the tower's power source, which powers part of the shield protecting the Citadel.
  • The secret room looks somewhat similar to the room on Halo, where the player has to cross the gap to find the Lonely Soul Easter Egg.

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