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Second squad had joined with the UNSC Pillar of Autumn and were transported via Pelican Dropship Victor 933 along with Captain Keyes in the mission to find the Covenant "Weapons Cache", which was in reality a Flood Containment Facility[1].

They found the Flood first one level below[verification needed] the level Fire Team Charlie was in. One member, a Corporal, radioed in to Staff Sergeant Avery J. Johnson to report that several Marines had been killed already, before he too is killed, destroying the radio.

All but a few managed to head up the elevator to the ground floor, while two or more Marines (more bodies can be found) stayed down before being eventually killed when there were overwhelmed by the Flood. Those two are killed moments after the Master Chief arrives on the level.

The group at the top, consisting of over a dozen Marines, lead by Corporal Lovik, followed the Master Chief outside to a tower where Foehammer, the pilot of Pelican Echo 419 was to pick them up.


Several of the members were previously members of Charlie team, suggesting that they could have swapped soldiers.


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