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Battle of Yavin

Second Battle of Yavin 4

Galactic Civil War




Yavin 4


Rebel victory


Alliance to Restore the Republic

Galactic Empire


A fair amount of infantry casualties

All forces in the area

The Second Battle of Yavin 4 was one of the Skirmishes of Yavin 4 immediately after the Battle of Yavin.



A few days before the destruction of the Death Star, Imperial troops were sent to Yavin 4 to investigate and confirm if there was indeed a Rebel presence there.

During that mission, a battle ensued in which stormtroopers captured the Arena. Days after its capture and abandonment, a number of escape pods and shuttles that had escaped from the Death Star's destruction, crashed on Yavin 4. Their troops reorganized and united and then moved toward the Massassi Temple.

The battle

The Imperial troops performed a few guerilla tactics on Rebel command posts and gained their ground. They captured a number of Rebel jungle turrets, and reactivated the damaged AT-STs that had survived the shuttle crashes. Rebel vanguards immediately took action, and stalled the AT-STs while the standard infantry prepared the staff for evacuation. They scored a few hits on the scout walkers.

The other troopers regained their ground and engaged the stormtroopers in firefights in the jungle. A number of Rebels scaled a waterfall and captured the main Imperial crash site, destroying more scout walkers not yet activated.

During the battle Brenn Tantor arrived with a task force and managed to rescue Colonel Maximilian Veers who crash-landed his escape pod on the surface.Tantor also destroyed one Rebel base but soon left Yavin with Veers.


The Rebels were ready to be evacuated, but they soon discovered that most of the Imperials were now dead and the rest left Yavin. The Rebellion continued to occupy its posts on Yavin 4, though it would lose much of the base in the subsequent battles.


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  • Star Wars: Force Commander
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