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Duel at the Well of the World Brain


Battle over Far Thunder

Second Battle of Obroa-skai

Yuuzhan Vong War


28 ABY




New Republic victory


New Republic

Yuuzhan Vong Empire

  • 1 capital ship destroyed
  • 1 capital ship disabled
  • 100 starfighters destroyed
  • 60 starfighter pilots killed
  • 1 flagship cruiser
  • 7 frigates
  • 2 troop transports
  • Coralskippers
  • Tens of thousands of troops
"The enemy that wiped out Komm Karsh was hardly broken."
Supreme Overlord Shimrra

The Second Battle of Obroa-skai was a battle between the New Republic and the Yuuzhan Vong, occurring 28 ABY.



New Republic Intelligence received information that Supreme Overlord Shimrra was on the move, presumably to his new capital, Yuuzhan'tar, the Vongformed Coruscant. Later, agents on the ground at Obroa-skai learned that a large fleet was moving to into the system, presumably to view something of importance in the libraries. NRI assumed that it was Shimrra, and Jaina Solo came up with a plan to use the captured Ro'ik Chuun M'arh frigate Ksstarr, nicknamed Trickster, to attack the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, taking out Shimrra and crippling the Yuuzhan Vong leadership.


When the Yuuzhan Vong fleet arrived in-system, Jaina, aided by Jedi Knights Lowbacca and Tesar Sebatyne, managed to make the Trickster appear damaged. As the Yuuzhan Vong forces slowly moved towards Obroa-skai, trying to contact their "damaged" frigate, a task force of New Republic warships under the command of General Keyan Farlander leapt into the system. From his flagship, the Mon Adapyne, Jedi Madurrin coordinated with the various Jedi leading the starfighter squadrons. Flying in ultra-secret snoop craft, Wraith Squadron deployed a yammosk jammer. Its effect was short lived, as Yuuzhan Vong forces continued to be coordinated, responding to each move made by the New Republic forces. As losses amongst pilots mounted, Jaina realized that the tactic had not failed—there was a second yammosk. Contacting the Wraith's again, Jaina ordered them to deploy a second jammer.

The effect was instant. The once coordinated Yuuzhan Vong fleet began to move sluggishly, not responding in unison. New Republic forces, long used to imperfect communication, pounced on the disorganization. Rogue Squadron and the Dozen-and-Two Avengers managed to destroy numerous coralskippers, while decoy dovin bassals attached to Yuuzhan Vong warships caused them to open fire on one another.

The final act of the battle occurred when a Hapan fleet under the direct command of Queen Mother Tenel Ka jumped into the system, completing the trap. The Hapan warships had been equipped with quick-charge turbolasers, a gift from the New Republic following the disaster at Fondor. The duo of Battle Dragons and three Nova-class cruisers tore into the Yuuzhan Vong formation, destroying the two large troop transports and laying siege to the massive command cruiser. As the Yuuzhan Vong flagship began to break apart, another frigate was destroyed by New Republic cruisers. The battle turned into a complete rout, with only a single Yuuzhan Vong frigate managed to escape. The battle was a major victory for the New Republic.



Faulty intelligence

It was only after the battle that the New Republic fleet learned that Shimrra had not been killed. The flagship of the Yuuzhan Vong forces was Komm Karsh's, a Supreme Commander.

Major victory

However, the battle was still more significant than the New Republic had thought—Karsh's fleet was the Yuuzhan Vong's sole extragalactic reserve. From that point forward, the Yuuzhan Vong could expect no further assistance from beyond the galaxy. Furthermore, the success of the combined New Republic/Hapan attack ensured further cooperation between the two governments, contributing to the later decision of the Hapans to joining the Galactic Alliance.


  • Destiny's Way (First appearance)
  • Force Heretic II: Refugee (Mentioned only)
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