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Battle of Khons


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Second Battle of Lok

Separatist Crisis/Occupation of Karthakk


22 BBY




Lok Revenants/Mere Resistance victory

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The Second Battle of Lok was a battle between the Trade Federation and the Mere Resistance in an attempt to retake Nym's pirate base. The battle was fought in two parts, one in orbit and one on the ground, taking place ten years after the Federation occupied the base.


The battle

Space battle

The battle began when the Mere Resistance forces led by Nym came out of hyperspace near the moon of Khons. The Resistance's starfighters proceeded to take down the capital ship turrets stationed on the moon. Once the turrets were taken out, several Mere fighters containing parts of the orbital cannon that was destroyed in the Battle of Nod Kartha arrived and landed on the station to assemble it.

A Trade Federation Cruiser came out of hyperspace and attacked in an attempt to destroy the cannon, but Nym and his fighters were able to destroy it with the cannon's help. With the asteroid facility captured, the Resistance had a clear path down to the surface of Lok.

Planetary battle

The fighters flew down to the planet's surface, where they were met by companies of tanks and squadrons of Vulture droid starfighters. Three Mere transports held a high orbit while the fighters destroyed the tanks and Trade Federation Missile Frigates that were refueling on the ground. Once they were taken out, the transports moved in, protected by the Mere starfighters. The remaining Vulture droids swarmed on the ships, resulting in a fierce dogfight.

The transports, landing in a crater, launched speeder bikes led by Sol Sixxa into the base to blow the door. After the door was blasted open, Nym flew in and destroyed the docks for the frigates inside it. Lieutenant Bella flew out to attack the Resistance in her personal ship but was killed by Nym. The pirate Nym had finally reclaimed his base.


  • Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

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