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Battle of Corellia[1]


Battle of the Jade Moon[2]

Liberation of Gerrard V
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Galactic Civil War[3]


1 ABY[3]


Gerrard V[3]


Rebel victory; liberation of Gerrard V from Imperial authority; defection of Kasan Moor to Rebel Alliance


Galactic Empire[3]

  • All turbolaser/batteries
  • Uncertain casualties to 128th and ground force[3]

Uncertain casualties to the air force[3]

"Gerrard V is attempting to gain its independence, but the Imperial governor is looting the city. Rogue Squadron, you must protect Crix Madine's Y-wings while they disable the escaping ships."
―General Rieekan's briefing

The Liberation of Gerrard V was an event during the Galactic Civil War in which the planet Gerrard V gained its independence from the Galactic Empire. It occurred after a ransacking of the city by the local Imperial governor in anticipation of an uprising by Gerrard V's inhabitants against the Empire's rule. Rogue Squadron, under Luke Skywalker, and Gold Squadron, under Crix Madine, was deployed to disable the Moff's yachts that carried stolen goods.

During the course of the battle, Kasan Moor, commander of the 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron, surrendered to Gold Squadron and offered defection to the Rebellion. Because of Moor's later assistance, the battle would be the first victory in a long string of victories against the Galactic Empire.



A failed revolt against the Empire had taken place two years prior. After the initial uprising, the Empire responded by bombarding the surface with fire from an orbiting fleet. Much of the planet's surface was left in ruins and the ecosystem became imbalanced. The population endured Imperial subjugation until 1 ABY, gathering its strength until they were united enough to stage another revolt.[4]

The battle


The initial revolt

The local militia gathered its forces. This did not go undetected, however. Instead of bringing the rebels down by force, the local governor sent a squad of SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 yachts to loot the planet of its military supplies and anything else that was valuable before he lost the world.[5] As the insurgents' resources dwindled, their leader sent a distress signal to the Rebel Alliance, calling for backup. General Crix Madine, recently defected from the Galactic Empire, responded to the call. In response, he deployed Gold Squadron to disable the fleeing yachts. As backup, he appointed Rogue Squadron, the same unit led by Luke Skywalker that extracted him from Imperial detainment from Corellia.[1]

Support fire

Upon entering the capital city's borders, the turbolasers planted around the city that had been used to keep the planet under order opened fire on the attacking Rebels. Rogue Squadron provided support fire by focusing their fire on these cannons. As the turbolasers were all destroyed, a squad of seven AT-PT walkers rushed into the city, stationing themselves on the hillsides, though this was not difficult for the Rogues to handle. Gold Squadron eventually finished their ion cannon runs on the yachts, and were prepared to move on to the next district.[3]

128th counterattack

Luke suddenly received a transmission from a panicked Wedge Antilles:

"Luke, it's Wedge. I'm on the other side of the planet. We've got trouble. It's the 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron. They're the best of the best."
―Wedge Antilles

The 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron, under Lieutenant Kasan Moor, suddenly appeared from the horizon over the sea and swarmed the insurgents. Gold Squadron, despite this, flew into the crossfire and continued their mission. The turbolaser tower overlooking this part of the city was taken down by Rogue Squadron, and the last of the yachts were immobilized. Kasan Moor found herself tailgated and harassed by a Gold Squadron member, disabling her control systems via ion cannon. Kasan gave in and offered the Gold Squadron member an offer of defection.[3]


Gold Squadron's mission was a success, and the city's supplies were returned. Gerrard V successfully pulled itself away from Imperial authority.[3]

Kasan Moor, true to her word, successfully defected and became a gun for Rogue Squadron. She had extensive knowledge of Imperial outposts, and would lead the Alliance to a string of victories. Shortly after the battle, she led the rebels into a supply depot on the Jade Moon.[6]


  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

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